Thursday, July 5, 2007

wouldn't you know it? a toothache for the holiday!

Just before the holiday ... "The Fourth" ... I met with the most unfortunate experience of biting into a lump of popcorn that wasn't fully popped... in otherwords, that lump was nothing less than a seed. At the moment of said bite ... I felt a terrible shooting pain in my wisdom tooth ... until recently I had all 4 of them, I might add (that's another story!). The pain went away quickly and I thought nothing of it until the next morning when I sipped my hot tea and crunched my cold cereal ... it swirled in the back of my mouth and the shooting pain became a stabbing pain (a "cereal" killer stabbing pain). I weathered the holiday sipping luke warm liquids, carefully maneuvering food to the good side of my mouth, and holding my left hand over my left jaw. My mood was less than the usual "jovial" reserved for holidays but no one complained, especially after the man-child tried to put out a small fire gathering in the brush (we'll leave out the part about how said fire occured in the first place!) and drove a rusty wire into his big toe. Not good! Finally, a foot soak, 12 dabs of neosporin and umpteen bandages later, after it was deemed the man-child would survive, my other half decided to take it upon himself to call the dentist and get me in as soon as possible ...considering I haven't been to the dentist this year and half a good $2K to spend on something unpreventable as this surely was! This morning I found that I luckily did not require a root canal, whew! But, I had actually broken my tooth ... a crack... some such thing, and air was leaking in and annoying the nerve. A crown was required and hours later I am drinking hot tea and cold lemonade and up to my old tricks. So ... it just goes to show you... well, I'm really not sure what it goes to show anyone but ... isn't it always right before a holiday that everything that could go wrong does go wrong! Teeth have an uncanny ability of going haywire on weekends and holidays. Otherwise, we had a lovely 4th. I hope yours was as lovely, sans the tooth thing!

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