Tuesday, July 24, 2007

thank you, my friend "P"

i opened up my blogspot today and actually had a comment! Which meant, someone had actually visited and said "hello!" ... thank you so much! (How many times did I just say "actually?") How nice to know I am not writing off into the sunset alone! AND .... how nice to see it was my good friend, Priscilla, who visited! (How many times have I said "How!" And now suddenly I can't seem to get back to the original color of my ink for my blog. I must say I've had nothing but technical problems lately. Couldn't be me. Thank you, Priscilla! Nice to have a visitor and glad you liked the amethyst and turquoise "in the works" piece. I will post a picture of the actual one soon. Oops ... there goes that word again!

i actually (gahhh!) got sidetracked today and DIDN'T work on that one at all, but ended up photographing like a mad woman until I began yelling at the poor pitiful necklaces because they wouldn't lay just right (not their fault, of course)... time for your medication, dear, I said. Which is, in fact, a nice cup of tea and a session with my feet up.

THEN ... I got inspired ... after the tea and the feet bit, and made something really lovely which is still not completed because I've been looking it over all night and wondering what else it needs before it's perfect, and figuring it did indeed need something. Just not sure what.

And while I was hanging it on my knee and admiring it, my little bratty parrot Ms. L decided she wanted to admire it too, and in fact, she wanted to admire it in her beak, which translates to, she should be eating it. She seemed to be saying...all the nice little beads shant go to waste, afterall.

Because Ms. L. is also a sweet little girl-bird-friend, despite her annoying habit of eating everything she sees, I decided to let her play on my knee and put the necklace away. She watched me hide it however and spent the entire evening trying to get it back in her beak, and I kept hiding it in new places. Do you have any idea just how smart parrots are? And did I say persistent?

On to another subject, it is 10:30 p.m. and the man-child is not home yet. I'm trying to loosen the apron strings on the adolescent, really, be less clingy and protective... but these things make me terribly uncomfortable. He did call. Must give him that. To say he was on his way, just had to drop off his two friends. He's been skating at the skate park all evening and .... then to the mall ... and ... well, all the things boys do in the summertime when the evenings are bright and the days are warm. Did I just say that? Mmmmm.... maybe not ALL the things. Please ... not all? Ooo... he JUST walked in the door! All better now.

Good night, ~L


florida flamingo said...

Today is my birthday and I wore a lovely pair of Lora Kelley earings, drop coral bead.

Love the 2 pictures. One of the managment Lora, one of the artistic Lora????

Beautiful pages. Really beautiful.

yours truly said...

Thank you my dear friend, Sheila! How nice to see ... hear... you! I miss your eloquent writing and excellent sense of humor! My love to the scribes!