Thursday, September 27, 2007

wrap necklace is long on looks

today I played more with the idea of the claspless wrap necklace using two smokey quartz pendants and a handful of faceted crystals with a Sterling chain. Note the same necklace below antiqued ...meaning it has an oxidized silver chain (more liver of sulpher)...

and look! (shhhh!) A real live model! Don't let the others hear or they'll be so terribly nervous about their jobs.

exciting news...I just sent off my check for a vendor booth at the Portland Fashion Week event ( I'm just a little nervous, however, since the event is 6 days long and I will be doing most of it on my own! Okay ... more than a little nervous ... how about a lot nervous!

but I know that the best way to undertake such things is to greet them head on with a smile... so ... I have three weeks to prepare!

pictured below is the Aphrodite Goddess Necklace, combining blue lace agate hearts, faceted crystal quartz and Sterling silver... modeled here by the lovely Claire...

i am still toying with the 7 "things" ... since I was tagged. But afterwards, I may be forced to close up shop for a couple of weeks while I prepare for my big show.

have a fabulous Thursday!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

today's work

i was in the mood for something simple...

something truly feminine...

i was thinking about something a Celtic princess might wear while communing with the fey folk in an ancient oak forest

i had an idea about a clasp-free necklace that could be worn many different ways ... a choker or tumbling sweetly into the cleavage...

and this is what materialized...

A good length of chain ... I haven't measured it yet. Yes ... that'd be me! At both ends of the chain I wire wrapped two rose quartz pendants and several Austrian crystal beads for glitz. Of course, I had to drop the whole thing in a Liver of Sulfur solution just to see what it would do (couldn't help myself) ... and here it is! You can wrap it as many times as it will go around your neck ... so a thin neck could even get a cute little choker out of it. But I sort of like the long, come-hither look. And wouldn't this be wonderful on a backless gown? Jewels cascading down the back? Hmmm ... I'll need to knock that one around among the old brain cells a little longer!

Here it's wrapped up as a choker... modeled here by the lovely Lilly (remember her? my first dress form!) She's been sulking ever since I got the sleek mail order models with their delicate, swan-like necks. But she just had to come out for this one. Well, she's a sturdy girl, after all.

Oh, good heavens! ... I just realized I've been tagged by my neighbor Bee Skelton at Indigo Blah. You're very sneaky! Well now ... I must once more gather my list of idiosyncrasies so that'll probably be for tomorrow.

Have a very fun and creative Monday!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

shiny new things

yesterday's "pretty thing" is a bracelet composed of watery-blue, faceted chalcedony (pronounced: chal-sid'-uny) combined with polished, striated, sky-colored chunks of blue-lace agate, tiny freshwater pearls and a gorgeous Bali silver ball. The silver toggle clasp is finished off with a shiny, Sterling fish dangle, the ancient sign of wisdom in global mythology. Christianity was formed during the "age" of Pisces (an age is 2,100 years, the amount of time it takes the solar system to pass through each sign of the zodiac). Pisces is, of course, the astrological sign of the fish, and the 12th sign of the zodiac, and is the Christian sign for the Christ (Jesus, specifically). It seems the great journey of the silvery salmon, returning to the very stream he was born in, to breed, spawn and die, only to begin the cycle again, has touched mankind as an analogy of our journey since the dawn of time (or at least the dawn of story telling). Thus this beautiful bracelet is steeped in meaning. This piece is being shipped off to Anne in Reno, brimming with healing energy! Welcome to the dawning of the "New" Age of Aquarius! Around 2013 we'll be full swing in the cycle.

the healing qualities of this particular combination of gentle blue stones aids in release of anger and melancholy through creativity, rather than destructive means. Both stones align with the throat chakra,enabling pent up emotions caused by childhood traumas and frustration to flow free of the body and auric field via the pursuit of heart-felt desires, freeing up energy in order to move in a positive direction ...forward towards one's dreams ...without causing harm. To free the flow of energy so that the wearer can utilize their creative spirit to the fullest.

Jewelry for the "Handfast" Ceremony

i've wanted to create a line of jewelry for Handfasting, that ancient Celtic rite of a new couple to join in "handfast" (a trial marraige) for one year before deciding if they are truly "marraige material" ... at the end of that time, the couple then decides to stay or go their own separate ways.

The design of the necklace encompasses the use of two separate strands of turquoise coming together into one silver heart and sifting down as two separates, side-by-side, intertwined. The crystals indicate the alchemy or "refining" process, as the two eventually become one very beautiful, multi-faceted "gem" indicating their joined fates. My last handfast necklace, "Promised" (shown in the August 21st post) was shipped off to Ireland to Bridgit. This one, which I've merely called "Handfast" will be posted on the website this weekend.

As far as the healing qualities of the necklace; the combination of turquoise and aventurine bring much strength to the wearer in terms of being honest with themselves and their true love, so necessary in a new relationship. Turquoise coincides with the throat chalkra enabling the wearer to find and use their authentic voice, to speak their truth. I used green turquoise because green is the color of the heart chakra, my hope being that the wearer will speak from the heart. Aventurine is a stone of fate, luck and good fortune, sharing the same vibrational qualities as the "low-heart" it calls one to step up to the plate, take risks, trust and have faith. It has been known as The Gambler's Stone throughout the ages for it's quality of drawing "good luck" to it's keeper. What new couple doesn't need a bit of luck in this day and age?

i used 20 guage Sterling silver to create the clasp, which is wire-wrapped and hand-forged. I also used just a touch of Austrian crystal for some glitter and bling!

I hope to create some simple, beautiful earrings to go with this piece for a truly elegant pairing ... and the accompanying positive vibes! Check out the website this weekend to see what else is new!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Silverado Kelly 3/01/2002 - 9/20/2007 RIP

Vigilant guardian of the garden, stalwart protector of the family, brave comrade, beloved friend. We will miss you!

He calls the sun to lay it's rays upon the grass
so he can walk
for him distant hills glow gold
he crows just to separate this moment from the last
despite the sleeping, he is prone to crow
which is why cups fly
or sometimes a stick or stones

He crows to give marching orders to the sleeping
to say the moon is done,
to say that it's the season
he crows to seize the day, because he's pleased
but also crows when he is not, or
for no apparent reason

He bosses the song birds, the speckled hen
three saintly dogs and one gray cat all day
then rests politely at the threshold of the kitchen floor
speaks my name just inside the open door
begs for grapes and Irish bisquits from my hand
pretends to hate red toenails
and bites them when he can

He clucks hen-like and watches me with amber eyes
stops to pluck a thread and stretch a wing
settles on the rug to watch me cook
inspects the dog water for things
Sometimes he's only lonely for a friend
and comes to chat, while I talk
his head topples while he naps

He takes a dust bath in the roses on sunny days
and crows when he hears my car coming down the lane
when the hawks throw dark shadows on the beds
only then he squawks alarmed and runs full out
then struts to hide what looks the same as shame
And deep he knows I know what he's about

He crows when its time for bed
meanders like the shadows cross the lawn
he calls before he gets his last kiss
then struts to show he's not that gone
but let's me lift him in my arms
and carry him to roost
and all is finally quiet
until dawn.

say goodnight, silver

two nights I've hovered over a basket on the kitchen table, nursemaid to the waning life of a rooster I called Silver. Sometimes he seemed to perk up, to hold his head high, cluck and eat the grapes I offered him (his favorite treat), and watch with interest at the goings on in the house around him. Sometimes, in the night, he's wailed, and I've run to his side and comforted him, helped him change position and covered him again. If you've never heard a chicken wail, it is a sad and lonesome sound. Especially coming from the once powerful rooster who ruled the roost of my back yard for the last 5 years.

today, he can barely open his eys. His breathing is belabored and he is flattened out on his pillow, wings sprawled and neck elongated. What little comfort I can offer, he seems oblivious to. Almost comatose, cooler to the touch than yesterday. Still, I've covered him and kept the house warmer than usual. I doubt very much he will survive another day.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

if a sick person should drink chicken soup

what does one give a sick chicken?

based on that, you may have guessed where I am going with this. I've endured more than a month of human and animal ailments and finally, yesterday, I found my rooster flattened in the dirt in his yard and unable to stand. I brought him in last night and let him sleep in a basket on the table. Today, I've searched the "chicken" chat rooms and tried to find what might be ailing my poor dear Silver.

i called the vet, who is willing to check him out but can't see him until Thursday, in the meantime, I've bathed him in epsom salts, de-mited him (if de-mited isn't a word, it should be), poured oil of camphor on his legs as the scales look very red and raised, and tried my best to get him to take water by dampening a paper towel and drizzling it down his throat.

he's quiet now, sleeping deeply in his basket on the table while I type away. I've been forced to leave the parrots locked in their cage today for fear they might either pick up a stray poultry mite or some weird virus, if that's what he's got.

if anyone knows anything about such things, I would very much appreciate any information, including hearsay and old wives tales, you might remember from conversations on the porch with your long-lost farmer uncle, neighbor, granny or grandpa.

in the meantime, i'm here, nursemaid to a sick chicken. Prayers for wellness are most welcome.

thank you,

Sunday, September 16, 2007

movie magic is still possible.... and other things

guess what? last night I had a date! ... with my teenage son. We went to see the movie "Stardust" ... he'd already seen it with his friends and so was in the know, but wanted to make sure I was able to see it first on the big screen. How dear of him ... despite the fact that I paid!

my critique? Honestly? .... the movie was fabulous and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves whimsy, action, love stories, fantasy and cinemagraphic magic! Filled with unlikely heroes, princesses, wicked witches, humor, fine acting ... it also had a wonderful fairytale story line. And the cinematography and special effects are worth dropping $9 at the matinee ... (okay ... $50 with popcorn and a soda). If you get a chance, it's truly excellent and a must see. Please don't wait until it comes out on video, unless you have a home theater.

my weekend also consisted of a visit to the dogpound (humane society) which left me feeling a little unsteady, despite my original desire to go kiss a few noses and cuddle some puppies and kittens in hopes of sharing some love and nurturing with our society's silenced throwbacks. Despite the intense sadness it brings, I realize that everyone should make a point of visiting their local dogpound several times a year. Perhap coming face to face with our use it, abuse it and lose it society, a few eyes and hearts may be opened in the process. Just an idea. I cover my own experience in more detail in my other blog if you are interested.

today, Sunday, I plan to relax with a great cup of Barry's Irish tea and partake in one of my favorite Sunday morning activities... visiting Join me?

have a fabulous rest of the weekend!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

adventures in artistic-ness?.... whatever!

recently, you may remember, I played with collage art ... "played" being the key word here! Stones being my medium of choice! But I really had fun creating this little fairy girl with her cool boots and bull dog. Fall's my favorite time of year and so it is nearly impossible for me to make leaves green! The pages were pulled from some old 50's children's book. I hate to ruin a perfectly good children's book and thought later ... why didn't I just copy the pages and antique them! Duh! Oh well, we live and learn..... nevertheless ... I think she turned out sort of cute. Another blue fairy.

A beloved friend of mine dropped by the other day with a dreary face ... she was bearing an envelope containing a necklace I made for her several years ago that finally "took a dive" her words ... meaning ... the beading wire broke. 5 years is a good go, in the wear and tear world of favorite jewelry, especially when you wear it riding horses! Well, duh! Can it be saved? Of course!

As I reworked her piece and walked down memory lane, I realized I had another shell just like hers... I found them years ago on one of my writer's retreats to the ocean! (little good that did, you're thinking! I speak of the writer's retreat here) ... anyway, I drilled it and created something new like something old (oops wait, I have a parrot hanging down from my bangs and pulling an eye lash .... ooh.... arghhhh .... sheesh!)

Okay .... now then ... where were we?

i'm not sure what sort of creature this shell came from .... so anyone who knows ... I'd love to hear. The little pinkish beads are antique trade beads, the silvery-white beads are mercury glass from Japan along with Sterling balls, and the green is, of course, lovely Aventurine ... the Gamber's Stone, a stone attracting luck and good fortune to it's keeper. It corresponds with the heart chakra, unconditional love and health. Plus ... it's so pretty! Translucent spring green.

very delicate and beautiful ... but chunky enough to make a statement, too...

I decided to go with a non-symetrical piece which can be worn with the shell dead-center or not. The shell can also be turned so one can either admire the sculpted back or front with the shell-opening. The Sterling silver clasp is a really plain, simple toggle, so as not to deter from the elegant beauty.
that's it for today's entry. In case you hadn't noticed, Mrs. E wrote my entry yesterday, since I'd already used all my alotted 10,000 words having spent two weeks of visiting with family. I'm currently reconfiguring a few brain cells. Anyway, I haven't read it yet, but she assures me it was fabulous.
Of course, cat's tend to think everything they do is fabulous. (shhh! Please don't tell her I said that!)
hope your weekend's great!

Friday, September 14, 2007

one cat's take on things

one day, while sitting in my red chair ... I heard a little sound.....

I turned around .... and there... near the trees (on my deck) ... was a giant squirrel (too many McVitties Irish Biscuits, no doubt)

She was licking her foot and showing her bare ankles! Paying no heed to me at all.

I swear she challenged me to chase her! Insanity? A death sentence! Was she mad?

I glanced in her direction and yawned. She was so lucky I wasn't hungry. And no, I didn't chase her.

The reason being? Well, of course, the whole thing was merely a dream, silly. There's no such thing as giant squirrels, is there ... are there? Whatever!

Have a mice day.

Ms. E.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

it's all a matter of perspective

the little house that could

i'm not exactly sure how much my return was awaited by anyone else, but for me, it is a happy occasion. As I mentioned earlier I've been very busy visiting with company, all of whom I love very much and would not trade for diamonds, except for that one just awful relation who knows exactly who they are who I might trade for a lump of coal ... but... otherwise... uhuuum ... yeah.

anyway, it is not a secret among my close friends that I possess the introverted and introspective tendencies of "Hermit," card number 9 in the major arcana of the Tarot and also the day of my birth, my birth number in numerology, and also the number of steps from my refrigerator to the couch while balancing one carton of Hagen Daz vanilla ice cream and a bowl in one hand, and a bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup and a spoon in another... okay ...big steps, mind you. Isn't that interesting, though? Who knew?

as such, you have probably surmised where I am going with this or you, dear reader, could care less ... either way, there is a purpose to this obvious musical-chair style explanation of things (I can just see you eyeing that chair as you time the length of my babbling)... and what I am saying is; I much prefer long, wordless, morning jaunts with my dogs in the woods than hours of talking and visiting with my loved ones. Sad as that may seem to some, I am really quite happy in my silences, exuberantly so, in fact. Be that as it may ... I do love to write and perhaps that is my way of transforming wordlessness into talking hours on end like a teenager, without really talking hours on end at all ... if you know what I mean.

which brings me to today... a gorgeous misty morning which has been spent roaming with dogs for the most part. I've also enjoyed a double-tall latte at Starbucks already, hand-wrestled with two very energetic and playful parrots, called a friend, done three loads of laundry, made a bank run and stared expectantly at a pile of dirty dishes on the counter. I also moved furniture ... the wing-back chair that stuck out too far in the living room, moved there to accommodate extra people, has returned to it's rightful place in the computer room, the bed that filled up the computer room has been humped back upstairs past the parrot condo to it's rightful place in the loft. I've also chugged down three extra strength Tylenol.

in my office, which looks a little worse for wear in the two weeks that I've neglected it, I've prepared jewelry for shipping, answered customer service emails, paid bills, attempted to organize receipts and ended up lumping them all in a file entitled (Receipts and Stuff).... and finally, plopped down at my desk to knock out a blog post, fingers pumping away at 90 wpm while parrots sit on my hands and try to pop keys off the keyboard. Finally, the mind quiets, the fingers stop and my eyes droop. I start to scribble on an envelope and then it's lunchtime. Quite alot for one morning.

I think it's probably a good thing I don't have a boss. He or she would certainly love to pay me (don't you think) to be slumped over my desk, staring off into space, dabbling here and there with no sense of direction or discipline ... but golly what a creative employee! "Just look at her doodles!" I can just hear them say. "Isn't she brilliant?" Why yes. She certainly is! Everyone says so.

oh, well, I say, locking up the studio and heading back up to the house for a salad. The sun's blazing away. Construction still goes on two lots over. Dogs tagging along at my feet. Out on the deck, Vera begs for McVitties Irish Biscuits, the cat sleeps just inches away in the red chair. I swing open the back door and peer into my kitchen... the little house that could hums in silent reverie. Isn't life just grand? I think so.

With love, ~L

Thursday, September 6, 2007

in case you're wondering where I am

perhaps you think i found a spot of quiet time among all my animal and husband and child ailments over the last month, and I must say that would be nice. However, not exactly true. The Irishman is in Ireland ... so ... one down. The animals are all feeling fine, including the birds who've finally adjusted to their upstairs retreat. But ... now company's in town... actually company's in the computer room cum spare bedroom (sans birds and confetti) ... so the house isn't exactly a quiet oasis!

in otherwords, I am somewhat out of commission for another week or so. Thank you for visiting and reading and commenting... I so love to hear from you.

Until next Friday ... or something like that.... the shop's always open so feel free to stop in and look around and read and browse, eat chocolate and try on some of the jewelry.