Monday, July 30, 2007

meet flora ... the blue fairy

yes, I do know that she's missing part of her head but ... we don't mention those things within ear shot.

I barely had a chance to say how do you do to Miss Flora ... (the lovely blue fairy pictured here modeling some creations) she'd hardly said giday ... it was less than 5 minutes ... truly ... when one of the slates toppled over during a photo session, banged her on the head, flattened her and caused several little chips to appear on her torso! Poor love! She promises not to sue, and despite the development of a rather odd tick ... she seems just fine!! Really, she does. Unfortunately, now she's damaged goods! I swear! She was in the mailbox when I got home, and I being so overly excited, rushed to my studio, situated her just so, and ... it took me no more than 5 minutes to destroy her. I have quite the knack for these things!
My mother came very close to naming me Grace. Perhaps if she had, I would've gotten through life with a few less accidents!
Must go wipe away tears now ... what a major KLUTZ!
... later


Hear Me Roar! said...

I love flora, she's simply gawgeous for displaying your amazing jewelry. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope to be visiting yours often now too!

mdmB said...

Beautiful jewelry! And thank you for your comment ;)

In her own Voice said...

Just thought I'd stop by since I'm feeling a little proud of myself for accomplishing the application of a profile icon for my comments--thoughtful and dreamy Audrey! You like?

Would it be ok with you if I place a link to your site on mine?

bellacolle said...

oh lovely! I like the last one specially! oh, glad Flora is

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh, that's rough when you break your new toys the first day you get them! If it makes you feel any better-- she still looks mahvelous dahling. Besides, when she is wearing your beautiful jewelry--who will be looking at her anyways??? !
Smiles, Karen

IsabellaCloset said...

What gorgeous jewelry and blog! Sorry to hear about your blue fairy Miss Floras accident. So glad she is OK after all that..She does look fine.
Hope you have a lovely day!
~Mary~ :-}

marylou said...

Oh my Goodness,
What beautiful jewelry!!
I think I have passed on and have popped up in Jewel Heaven.
Hug Life,

LW said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
I love your jewelry..


Bee Skelton said...

Looks like we're next door neighbours on the Etsy Sellers Who Blog ring. Hi Neighbour! :)Fabulous jewellery and your posts have an entertaining style ... I shall be popping back often I think :)

Lallee said...

Your jewelry creations are absolutely fabulous. I've bookmarked your etsy shop. Poor Flora~tell her she's still an elegant gal in all her lovely tourquoise color. I broke a piece off a large glass vase I had coveted and bought with birthday money one year. I was rinsing off the store dust and bumped it on the faucet. Sigh.... I glued the piece back on and made the best of it.

Your first attempt at paper art was very impressive. I am working up my nerve to give it a try!