Sunday, July 29, 2007

sunday driving

Today I decided to take a day trip to Bainbridge Island, which is just up the peninsula from where I live. Not sure really what I had in mind, but thinking perhaps I would visit some garage sales. Turns out, I drove all the way to Winslow, the little town at the edge of the island where you catch the ferry over to Edmonds and from there, Seattle and parts unknown, and decided to go sight seeing. I parked the car on the street, lugged my bag up on my shoulder and headed off on foot.

Sun blazing down, all the morning mist having dissipated, and a vibrant breeze filling the air -- some lucky dog somewhere was enjoying a barbecue! Being as it is Sunday, most of the really sweet shops were closed but I stared in windows, nose pressed up against the glass, thanking heaven I couldn't get inside ... so many wonderful things to be wished for and possibly obtained! I did visit Bad Blanche's furniture store and drooled over a sofa table, circling it quite a few times before deciding the wood was too reddish ... walnut I'm thinking, and would blend in with my fir floors and ... it just wouldn't give the punch I was looking for. The other reason being, I am a rehabilitated impulse buyer. This wondrous gift (the rehabilitated part) was given me when I decided to take a fun job ... a short-term, part-time stint in one of the cutest shops in the world ... The Apple Crate in Tacoma. What I realized was, each day a new shipment came in I opened packages and thought, I have to have this! The next day, I'd come back and say, I really don't have to have this. the third day, whatever I thought I couldn't live without had totally lost its luster usually... that being the case, it takes me a good three days to determine whether something is really worth buying or not (there are exceptions, such as ... a garage sale find that will probably never pass this way again!) So ... Thanks Apple Crate! You did me a great service, and I should think anyone else requiring some like-therapy ought to get themselves a nice little retail job in the shop of their dreams for one summer. Believe me ... it works.

So back to today... I window shopped mostly, and did not spend. Nothing that required dying for. I traipsed through several galleries and looked at jewelry ... not to purchase, but just in an artistic sense, I love to look at materials and color and gems and workmanship. I wandered through a nursery, smelled fragrant flowers, fingered petals and dug my fingers into dirt... and considered how I might plant a particular border in my garden. I stopped at Starbucks and indulged. I met three very nice tethered dogs, waiting for their dining owners I suspect, and had friendly conversations with each of them.

I came home from my day's outing pretty much empty handed... with nothing but a book about Seattle's best women entrepreneurs and their great little shops and the powerful desire to visit them all! Next time I'll catch the ferry, cross the big water and shop the city. I must drag one of my dear friends along with me for that day's adventure! Of course, I'll bring a camera and share that day with you.

Home at last and the weekend winds down. We're having baked cod for dinner. It's in the oven right now and smells heavenly. 7pm and a breeze rustles the trees, dogs lie stretched out on the cool floors, birds chatter in the other room and the cat lies on her back on the sun-warmed deck. Vera stops in for a McVitties Irish Bisquit, which she takes from my hand and rushes back to her tree. Alone for the moment, other than, of course, visiting with you.

Blessings ... ~L

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