Friday, July 27, 2007


we've had a visiting neighbor of late whom my son has named Vera (and I have no idea whatsoever why he chose that name but it's sort of stuck, nonetheless). She's a very lovely neighbor who just happens to live in our cedar tree out back and so, in that sense, I suppose you could say she has a lean on our property? She's a very good neighbor in that she doesn't make a great deal of noise, has no loud parties in the middle of the night, keeps her home grounds tidy and isn't particularly nosy. Well, not particularly, but a bit. She does have one little problem, however, and that would be her addiction. Yes, she has one. Well, who among us are perfect? Her addiction happens to be food. Well, one must eat, mustn't one? I mean, really, what kooky psychiatrist came up with the term "food addict" anyway! It's not like alcohol or drugs... which are not necessary to the living organism (okay, with the exception of marguaritas, I suppose) but food? Well, food is "necessary" ... wouldn't you say? Chips and salsa? Popcorn? Chocolate? I mean, who can live without that stuff?

So, back to Vera. She is addicted to food, poor dear. Especially, one particularly dark and forbidden desire, peanuts, but she isn't particularly picky if the peanut stash is empty. She will also enjoy a grape or a milk bone dog treat or a piece of bread or a raisin, even. The problem, if you could call it that, which I don't really, but some might, is that her tree touches onto our deck which is right off of our kitchen, where there is, in fact, a great deal of food and food preparation and food comsumption and food discussion and discussion with food. She does not bring her own food to these events, but rather comes to visit to see if she can leave with as much food as possible stuck in her pockets which are actually, her cheeks. She loves to eat and run, in other words.

Despite all of this, we've grown rather fond of her and many's the day we spend tempting her to steal her treats right out of our hand, which she does. Mr. E the Esky thinks she's very unattractive and makes every attempt to chase her right back up her tree any chance he gets. But we think she's pretty... and despite the fact that she stares in the window at us most of the time with big, pleading brown eyes ... we'll probably continue to feed her have to admit, she's unusually attractive.

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