Monday, July 30, 2007

full moon monday and the proper clearing of stones

i don't have much time to visit this morning, which certainly shouldn't be the case, but today is my busy Monday and entails another job that isn't nearly as much fun as making jewelry and requires a great deal of stress medication in the way of caffeine and chocolate. However, that being the case, I still had a moment to begin my "list" ... the one I spoke of several posts ago. The one I had every intention of following through on and so here, this morning, I begin...

but first ...let me remind you that today IS the full moon, and if you are one to keep crystals in your house (being a bead goddess I have a multitude of cut and natural crystal), whether they are set in silver and strung about your neck or geodes placed next to your bed, or polished stones you keep in a medicine pouch, or just crystals you keep because you think they are beautiful, which they all are, and I fully understand!

Whatever reason... crystal does collect and retain energy and can lose its luster, clarity and other properties (except for citrine) and must be cleared regularly. As science has now confirmed, we are all merely waves of energy on the sub-atomic level, and so truly the same as our crystalized friends, just moving somewhat faster. And, just as the moon has magnetic qualities, stone acts in much the same way, drawing like-energy to itself or as they are used in healing, drawing detrimental energy away from us. Running water, sunshine and moonshine (as in the moon in the sky! Not the nearest distillary, dear friends!) are excellent resources for the purpose of clearing energy.

The problem with sunshine is, it may actually fade your gemstones, as some are quite sensitive to sunlight, being cave dwellers for the most part! Case in point, I had a brilliant green aventurine heart a good friend made me swear I'd leave to her when I died (I think she's still counting the days!) But, I left it on the top of a dresser for a day, unfortunately right where a splash of sunlight happened to fall for about an hour each day, and even more unfortunately gorgeous lime-colored pendant faded to a mere ghost of itself! I still adore that stone and wear it often, but needless to say, it doesn't get the compliments it used to, but at least my friend has made no more threats on my life.

Fresh running water, the best source being a waterfall or fast stream, though an excellent source, is not so easily come by. Tap water is so so and if there's nothing else, leaving your stones in a bowl under fast running tap water for 20 minutes or so works just fine. Obviously, if your precious stones are set in silver or gold or any type of baser metals, be sure to dry and polish them thoroughly afterwards! Burying stones in a container of sea salt is another good method for clearing cluttered or stagnant energy, however salt can be caustic to some softer stones such as celestialite, tigers-eye and sugalite and again cause dulling, scratching or cracking.

However, one method that is clearly excellent and causes no adverse effects to your stones whatsoever is the light of the full moon. You certainly can set your stones in your window sill overnight, however as the earth and moon go through their rotations, the stones will not get a full dose throughout the night, which is preferred.

I recommend placing the stones on a tray and setting them outside overnight somewhere they can get some full-spectrum moonshine. Don't worry if there is cloud cover or rain, the power of the moon is undaunted by the weather. Tomorrow, you can set them out about your home again to be beautiful, or do their work. Some people prefer to re-program their stones with intention based on the innate healing quality of the particular stone. There are wonderful books available regarding this! What's really interesting is that most people, never having read a related book on the subject, usually just know the capabilities of their stone.

Finally, those stones that are set in metal of any kind should be stored properly when not being worn. If I'm not wearing my rings, pendants or beaded jewelry, I keep them in air-tight freezer bags. This keeps them gorgeous, without need for polishing or cleaning. Just... after each time you wear them, be sure to polish them with a soft, dry cloth and stick them away again for safe keeping until the next full moon.

Now ... that list ... I didn't get very far as you can see. I suppose tomorrow is another day!

Have a fabulous Monday!



In her own Voice said...

Lora, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words about my writing. So you got a taste of Boulder *smile*.

I've been to your site before--saw you somewhere I was in the comments section, but it looks so much richer today. Maybe you've added some things!

Glad you posted the info on clearing crystals by FM light. That's actually what I did last night before my regular full moon walk. They feel so much cleaner when I bring them inside in the morning and place them back in their "spots"!

You have a very skillful and attractive way of writing too! Keep up the good work...

yours truly said...

Yes ... they do seem different when you bring them inside after a night of cleansing! I think they enjoy a little morning dew, too!

I changed the colors around on my site, glad you like it! I'll probably change it again before too long!

Thanks so much for visiting! And for the compliments!