Thursday, July 26, 2007

the final brood member

I nearly forgot I'd promised a picture of him... quite the stunning example of rooster-hood, isn't he?
Silverado is our handsome Brahman Rooster ... he has a very persnickity personality along with feathery legs and very long, sharp spurs (look closely!). Here he is on the potting bench outside my studio where he often lingers. My husband hates his crow and has threatened strangulation or worse many's the day. Poor dear. So that's it. That's all of them. All my children.

Silver, as he is called, fondly, by me only I'm afraid, is very stuck on me as well, and sits at the window while I work and stares in at me most of the day. On rainy days, I sometimes let him come inside as the floor is concrete and is quite easy to clean. Unfortunately, he is quite aggressive with everyone else, including my husband. Let's just say, they have a hate-hate relationship.

My little hen, Mabel, died last year, and ever since, Silver has been very lonely and more clingy with me, no one else. I really would love to find him a place where he could live out his days among a harem of hens. Sigh... poor love.


bellacolle said...

Oh, he's a lovely guy! Your blog is very neat! Thanks so much for stopping by!

In her own Voice said...

Thanks for stopping by Lora--appreciate your contribution to "firing the grid"! Your jewelry's lovely and your rooster, well, quite "cocky"!

Anonymous said...

Hello nice to meet you! x