Tuesday, February 26, 2008

tuesday afternoon

i've been so busy these days I haven't had a moment it seems to keep up with all of you, dear readers. Nor to read all the blogs of my fellow bloggers of whose prose I am so very fond! No fun at all! This is bound to change as I get my groove going. But now that we're nearly skidding into month three of 2008, I'm worrying just a little that a hitch has embedded itself into my "giddyup" ... despite the numerous resolutions (as you will recall ... I went just the teeniest bit overboard!)

I'm finally posting a photo or two today, though not of jewelry, but of number one son's band... still unnamed ... or in the throws of naming. Mostly I loved the photographs and thought I would also add a plug for the lovely young woman who did the photography for free as a promo ... Erika Mounts.

So far the boys will be cutting a demo in late March and as they say ... the rest may be history! I get the awesome delight of listening to them on "nearly" a daily basis as they wail away just a door and a breezeway away (yes, that does refer to the garage, actually). And I am happy to say I have not had the desire once for a set of ear plugs!

It's such a treat to see a dream come alive! For all those who have dreams they let die for lack of courage, or energy, or means or otherwise, I hope these young men will enjoy the wonder of seeing theirs flourish.

Being a mother, of course, I cringe somewhat to realize how easily dreams perish or are crushed, but also know that nothing ventured is absolutely nothing gained. And if no one made mistakes, nothing of any worth would have ever been accomplished in this world.

number one son is upfront center ...Go for it, boys! Break a leg! Well ... no ... forget that last one! No leg breaking allowed!

as it is early morning here in the north country, I will have to rush off quickly to dry my hair ... which is now red by the way! By now you've realized it is not, in fact, Tuesday afternoon, but rather Tuesday morning! And Oh, did I not mention I took a major, crazy turn in life and colored my hair something drastic! RED? Well, I'd become so very bored of my bland blonde (oh, yes, it was bland!) and decided since I am only a year away from being a half-century old ... imagine ... that I should get to make a rash decision. I've made so few of them in my life and really, if one must make a rash decision, let it be hair color which at least can be returned to its original state should the decision not work out so well as hoped. Unlike having breast implants or a nose job or an eye lift that leaves one looking much like a strange dolly. I'm sure you'll think of a few celebrities who fit this description! I'll save the tatooing for when I turn 70. That gives me a good 20 years!

Work! gahhhhh! I nearly forgot... as if anyone can EVER forget work. Believe me, working in Human Resources and especially for a staffing company? I do know that many people forget work ...forget to call ... never show ... never are heard from again? Please let it NOT be one of those days!

okay ... work this morning ...

But on another note... and more importantly, as pertains to shiny things ...I do have new pieces and will be photographing and uploading to my websites on Sunday. About time!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

sunday morning babble

as luck would have it, or lack thereof, number one son lost the cord that allows me to upload photos to my laptop ... which puts me out of business, practically. And reading blogs is so much more fun when there are pictures to go along with whatever prose is smattered across the page. In fact, photos keep us scrolling down for more.

sadly, I must bore you here with no photos, and only me pounding away at the keys until my order comes in. Do you know you cannot just go into any camera store and purchase a cord for uploading photos? NO ... you MUST order such things from the factory or some online store. Brick and morters don't believe in carrying such things, it seems. Also, do you know that such cords cost a minimum of $25??? That's the lowest price, plus shipping ... another $7 for the tiny, weightless cord that probably costs $7 to make. Here, I will end my rant and move on to more happy thoughts.

perhaps you'll recall that I have been learning the guitar since the turning of the new year, and so far I can play two songs. Neither of which you would want to hear me play but to my own ear, they sound rather nice. I don't believe the two bands who wrote the songs would feel the same, they being CCR (Bad Moon) or "every Tom, Dick and Harry" literally (House of the Rising Sun) ... need I say more? It doesn't take a flash of brilliance to realize I was not born for this instrument. Despite the fact that my fingertips are numb and it feels very weird to wash dishes or pick things up with the fingers of my left hand, nor that I have two brothers who are rather accomplished guitarists, nor that number one son seems to have mastered said instrument in barely 5 years. True. I have only played it for a month and a half. Okay ... perhaps "played it" is too strong a term ... fiddled with it might better describe my relationship to the guitar. Still... I will continue with my resolution to "play" an this instrument!

yesterday I spent an entire day cleaning the main floor of my house. Considering there are three floors to this house, that seems extremely sad, doesn't it? The irishman said, why not get someone to come in and clean the house weekly. It would be nice, but ... how long would it take me to clean the house in order to let that person come in to clean the house again? I don't think I could muster the energy. But it does sound dreamy.

last weekend I drove around looking at new houses, something I am prone to do when I am particularly tired of my own house and feeling the urge to move on and experience a new kind of life. New houses smell so wonderful! And because they lack furniture and wall hangings, they are open and airy, simplistic and Zen-ish... and pregnant with possibility. I found a wonderful house that I've been thinking about off and on. One that had a dishwasher even! Can you believe that in 2008 I do not have a dishwasher? We actually had a dishwasher in 1971, when I was in Junior High School! It made a horrible crunching sound as it splashed through its daily rounds. The story goes, (the one my father told, anyway) that I washed my goldfish bowl in that same dishwasher, the kind you had to roll over to the sink to hook up (the dishwasher not the goldfish bowl... stay with me now) and apparently it still had some of that little blue gravel in it, which trickled down into the workings of our "Avacado" colored Kenmore dishwasher, forever cursing it to the noisiest wash cycle in the history of the machine. Personally, I highly doubt I had anything to do with it!

Nevertheless, in this modern era, I've been told (by the Irishman who is a Plumber, no less) the septic system won't hold up to such new fangled gadgets. Who would've guessed? I've always heard that the carpenter's wife is the one without a deck! Well, I suppose I did get a deck built last summer. Perhaps there's a nice carpenter's wife out there I can swap with, then my plumber can build her a deck and her carpenter can install a dishwasher at my house!

as always, I babble on too much....

outside this grey looking Sunday morning, the sky is blustery and the trees are tossing about madly. In the garden, squirrels are hanging upside down from the bird feeders while the little chickadees scold them to get a turn. We've had snow on and off... usually coming at night and washing away by day. It's only mid February but how I am looking foward to spring and flowers and sunny days and warm winds.

ahhhh... guess what just came out? THE SUN!

wishing you a beautiful day...