Monday, July 23, 2007

drizzly days

a relaxing, rainy weekend was in order and just what we got... in typical northwest fashion. Often we get sun all week while we're working indoors and then the weekend arrives just to greet us with a deluge! And so it did. But I didn't really mind at all being that this has been a terribly steamy summer and the rain is really, really welcome! Really! Cooled things off a bit, actually, and the grass sprouted an additional three feet in response!

I've been spending much of my time in my studio lately, laying slate tiles this way and that, perching shiny pieces of jewelry in all manner of position and shooting pictures for my portfolio. Guess what? I'm getting better! Practice actually does pay off, in case you thought otherwise. And I think ... remember when we DIDN'T have digital cameras? And we had to DEVELOP our film ... which meant, for the likes of me, taking it to Walgreens or KMart and waiting a few days. Well, they do have 1 hour film, but ... usually most of those photos you imagined would come out wonderful ... were duds! And then you were back at square one ... taking tons of addiitonal photos that would probably be duds in the end. What a WASTE!

Well, now we just look at the picture we JUST took 1 second ago and if we don't like it we delete it and move on! I have been only the slightest bit techno-challenged over the years, I admit, BUT ... in this case, I LOVE technology! I love my digital camera. I spent close to $300 on it ... not top quality but a good camera nevertheless ... back ... well, probably at the beginning of the year. Now I'm thinking I should've gotten the 8.5 pixel or some amazing zoom for closeups, but truth is, mine is just fine. For now. Maybe .... next year would be a good time to upgrade on the camera.

In the meantime, out of the studio, the man-child ebbs ever closer to 17 ... as in this weekend! Husband gave him the car THIS weekend instead of waiting for who knows what reason, and he says I'm the soft one! So, said teenager is cruising around right now. Or will be just as soon as he gets out of his summer school class. Now, dinner out Saturday night coming ...with too many teenagers I might add, for the birthday celebration ... and well, I'll be glad when this particular "passage" is over. I dread the one to come, however. The big 18. But that's another year away and I think I can relax until then.

Love ~L

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