Monday, July 30, 2007

meet flora ... the blue fairy

yes, I do know that she's missing part of her head but ... we don't mention those things within ear shot.

I barely had a chance to say how do you do to Miss Flora ... (the lovely blue fairy pictured here modeling some creations) she'd hardly said giday ... it was less than 5 minutes ... truly ... when one of the slates toppled over during a photo session, banged her on the head, flattened her and caused several little chips to appear on her torso! Poor love! She promises not to sue, and despite the development of a rather odd tick ... she seems just fine!! Really, she does. Unfortunately, now she's damaged goods! I swear! She was in the mailbox when I got home, and I being so overly excited, rushed to my studio, situated her just so, and ... it took me no more than 5 minutes to destroy her. I have quite the knack for these things!
My mother came very close to naming me Grace. Perhaps if she had, I would've gotten through life with a few less accidents!
Must go wipe away tears now ... what a major KLUTZ!
... later

fairy wings

someone lost their wing this morning and it fell, seemingly from the sky, and landed on my left shoulder...

full moon monday and the proper clearing of stones

i don't have much time to visit this morning, which certainly shouldn't be the case, but today is my busy Monday and entails another job that isn't nearly as much fun as making jewelry and requires a great deal of stress medication in the way of caffeine and chocolate. However, that being the case, I still had a moment to begin my "list" ... the one I spoke of several posts ago. The one I had every intention of following through on and so here, this morning, I begin...

but first ...let me remind you that today IS the full moon, and if you are one to keep crystals in your house (being a bead goddess I have a multitude of cut and natural crystal), whether they are set in silver and strung about your neck or geodes placed next to your bed, or polished stones you keep in a medicine pouch, or just crystals you keep because you think they are beautiful, which they all are, and I fully understand!

Whatever reason... crystal does collect and retain energy and can lose its luster, clarity and other properties (except for citrine) and must be cleared regularly. As science has now confirmed, we are all merely waves of energy on the sub-atomic level, and so truly the same as our crystalized friends, just moving somewhat faster. And, just as the moon has magnetic qualities, stone acts in much the same way, drawing like-energy to itself or as they are used in healing, drawing detrimental energy away from us. Running water, sunshine and moonshine (as in the moon in the sky! Not the nearest distillary, dear friends!) are excellent resources for the purpose of clearing energy.

The problem with sunshine is, it may actually fade your gemstones, as some are quite sensitive to sunlight, being cave dwellers for the most part! Case in point, I had a brilliant green aventurine heart a good friend made me swear I'd leave to her when I died (I think she's still counting the days!) But, I left it on the top of a dresser for a day, unfortunately right where a splash of sunlight happened to fall for about an hour each day, and even more unfortunately gorgeous lime-colored pendant faded to a mere ghost of itself! I still adore that stone and wear it often, but needless to say, it doesn't get the compliments it used to, but at least my friend has made no more threats on my life.

Fresh running water, the best source being a waterfall or fast stream, though an excellent source, is not so easily come by. Tap water is so so and if there's nothing else, leaving your stones in a bowl under fast running tap water for 20 minutes or so works just fine. Obviously, if your precious stones are set in silver or gold or any type of baser metals, be sure to dry and polish them thoroughly afterwards! Burying stones in a container of sea salt is another good method for clearing cluttered or stagnant energy, however salt can be caustic to some softer stones such as celestialite, tigers-eye and sugalite and again cause dulling, scratching or cracking.

However, one method that is clearly excellent and causes no adverse effects to your stones whatsoever is the light of the full moon. You certainly can set your stones in your window sill overnight, however as the earth and moon go through their rotations, the stones will not get a full dose throughout the night, which is preferred.

I recommend placing the stones on a tray and setting them outside overnight somewhere they can get some full-spectrum moonshine. Don't worry if there is cloud cover or rain, the power of the moon is undaunted by the weather. Tomorrow, you can set them out about your home again to be beautiful, or do their work. Some people prefer to re-program their stones with intention based on the innate healing quality of the particular stone. There are wonderful books available regarding this! What's really interesting is that most people, never having read a related book on the subject, usually just know the capabilities of their stone.

Finally, those stones that are set in metal of any kind should be stored properly when not being worn. If I'm not wearing my rings, pendants or beaded jewelry, I keep them in air-tight freezer bags. This keeps them gorgeous, without need for polishing or cleaning. Just... after each time you wear them, be sure to polish them with a soft, dry cloth and stick them away again for safe keeping until the next full moon.

Now ... that list ... I didn't get very far as you can see. I suppose tomorrow is another day!

Have a fabulous Monday!


Sunday, July 29, 2007

if you haven't yet been to this site, it is worth the visit. Updated each Sunday, I try to make a point of reading it with my morning tea, and sending out my own silent blessings to those in need of comfort. Sometimes sad, often strange, usually touching, rarely forgettable; Insights into the fragile heart of our human family... reminding us all to reach out and withhold judgment.

And now, I truly am signing off for the night!


sunday driving

Today I decided to take a day trip to Bainbridge Island, which is just up the peninsula from where I live. Not sure really what I had in mind, but thinking perhaps I would visit some garage sales. Turns out, I drove all the way to Winslow, the little town at the edge of the island where you catch the ferry over to Edmonds and from there, Seattle and parts unknown, and decided to go sight seeing. I parked the car on the street, lugged my bag up on my shoulder and headed off on foot.

Sun blazing down, all the morning mist having dissipated, and a vibrant breeze filling the air -- some lucky dog somewhere was enjoying a barbecue! Being as it is Sunday, most of the really sweet shops were closed but I stared in windows, nose pressed up against the glass, thanking heaven I couldn't get inside ... so many wonderful things to be wished for and possibly obtained! I did visit Bad Blanche's furniture store and drooled over a sofa table, circling it quite a few times before deciding the wood was too reddish ... walnut I'm thinking, and would blend in with my fir floors and ... it just wouldn't give the punch I was looking for. The other reason being, I am a rehabilitated impulse buyer. This wondrous gift (the rehabilitated part) was given me when I decided to take a fun job ... a short-term, part-time stint in one of the cutest shops in the world ... The Apple Crate in Tacoma. What I realized was, each day a new shipment came in I opened packages and thought, I have to have this! The next day, I'd come back and say, I really don't have to have this. the third day, whatever I thought I couldn't live without had totally lost its luster usually... that being the case, it takes me a good three days to determine whether something is really worth buying or not (there are exceptions, such as ... a garage sale find that will probably never pass this way again!) So ... Thanks Apple Crate! You did me a great service, and I should think anyone else requiring some like-therapy ought to get themselves a nice little retail job in the shop of their dreams for one summer. Believe me ... it works.

So back to today... I window shopped mostly, and did not spend. Nothing that required dying for. I traipsed through several galleries and looked at jewelry ... not to purchase, but just in an artistic sense, I love to look at materials and color and gems and workmanship. I wandered through a nursery, smelled fragrant flowers, fingered petals and dug my fingers into dirt... and considered how I might plant a particular border in my garden. I stopped at Starbucks and indulged. I met three very nice tethered dogs, waiting for their dining owners I suspect, and had friendly conversations with each of them.

I came home from my day's outing pretty much empty handed... with nothing but a book about Seattle's best women entrepreneurs and their great little shops and the powerful desire to visit them all! Next time I'll catch the ferry, cross the big water and shop the city. I must drag one of my dear friends along with me for that day's adventure! Of course, I'll bring a camera and share that day with you.

Home at last and the weekend winds down. We're having baked cod for dinner. It's in the oven right now and smells heavenly. 7pm and a breeze rustles the trees, dogs lie stretched out on the cool floors, birds chatter in the other room and the cat lies on her back on the sun-warmed deck. Vera stops in for a McVitties Irish Bisquit, which she takes from my hand and rushes back to her tree. Alone for the moment, other than, of course, visiting with you.

Blessings ... ~L

post party irish soda bread

last night was the big birthday bash ... which has nothing to do at all with Irish soda bread, but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless. The Olive Garden, 6 teenagers, two glasses of wine (for me), acres of pasta, a very large bill and one chocolate bar-cake later ... well, the survival instinct kicks in, doesn't it? I've also sworn to no longer refer here to my new "young man" as a "man child" ... from now on it will be just ... young man. I asked, what is the greatest thing about turning 17? He's not exactly sure, except somewhat likes the idea that now he can go to R-rated movies on the up and up. You mean, I said, you no longer have to sneak in to see The 300 when you paid for Harry Potter? Exactly. They think we don't know these things, you know.

At the end of the night, us grown ups fell into bed snoring away, much too partied out, all that cake and pasta and giggling being too much to handle, and the "children" went off to the movies. This morning, two teenage boys are strewn across two living room couches, still snoring away at 10 a.m.!

I, getting my due rest, was up quite early this morning (7 something, what with dogs and cats and parrots and roosters to feed) and decided to make a loaf of Irish soda bread, and thought I'd include you, dear friends, in on it ... so here it is.

First I made myself a nice cup of tea (always required) .... then I began: Preheat oven to 375!

2 cups of unbleached white flour and 2 cups of stone ground wheat flour
2 tspns baking powder
2 tspns baking soda
2 tspns organic, raw sugar (honey is fine, too)
1 tspn salt
2 tablespoons corn starch

whisk it all together ... I like to use a flat bottomed, plastic bowl .... that way, I do the whole process in the bowl and clean up is a snap! I am by no means a cook or baker at all, but this one thing, I've got down to a rather fuzzy science!

Add 2 cups of low-fat buttermilk and combine the dry and wet ingredients with a spatula... squishing it all together until well combined and has a sort of "chunky" texture... like this....

Note: It's best not to handle the dough too much, as this is a heavy farm-style bread, and over mixing will end up with a springy texture that just doesn't do it justice.

Here's the only messy part: Shape the dough into a round mound sort of thing (sorry, you will need to use your hands here) and finish with a dusting of flour.

Using a sharp knife, make a cross on the top. (Sort of like a hot, cross bun!)

Place on a cookie sheet that's been very lightly buttered with a thin sprinkling of flour over it. Stick it in the oven for 40 minutes. When you pull it out, wrap it immediately with a towel and place on a cooling rack. I wrap it in a paper towel and over that I wrap it up with a kitchen towel. This keeps the crust from becoming as hard as a rock and breaking everyone's teeth! Let it cool about 10 or 20 minutes.
Then, slice it warm, its really to die for with butter (I know what you're thinking; So What ISN'T to die for with butter!) You're right. Nothing, except dirt, possibly! The crust texture should be "crusty" ... but not like a piece of bark ... that's why the towel part is important! This is a wonderful, hearty bread. Great with bean soup or stew or even for sandwiches! Easy to make, quick and you can put it on in the morning and have fresh, warm, farm-bread with breakfast!

Hope you enjoy it!
Happy Sunday! ~L

Friday, July 27, 2007

time for a cup of tea

the sun's out this morning and a lovely breeze is in the air and life seems worthy of a very long and comfortable sigh at this moment, so I will take the time to have a cup of tea and put my feet up before the other shoe drops ... yep, still in my PJ's. Crazy, isn't it.


we've had a visiting neighbor of late whom my son has named Vera (and I have no idea whatsoever why he chose that name but it's sort of stuck, nonetheless). She's a very lovely neighbor who just happens to live in our cedar tree out back and so, in that sense, I suppose you could say she has a lean on our property? She's a very good neighbor in that she doesn't make a great deal of noise, has no loud parties in the middle of the night, keeps her home grounds tidy and isn't particularly nosy. Well, not particularly, but a bit. She does have one little problem, however, and that would be her addiction. Yes, she has one. Well, who among us are perfect? Her addiction happens to be food. Well, one must eat, mustn't one? I mean, really, what kooky psychiatrist came up with the term "food addict" anyway! It's not like alcohol or drugs... which are not necessary to the living organism (okay, with the exception of marguaritas, I suppose) but food? Well, food is "necessary" ... wouldn't you say? Chips and salsa? Popcorn? Chocolate? I mean, who can live without that stuff?

So, back to Vera. She is addicted to food, poor dear. Especially, one particularly dark and forbidden desire, peanuts, but she isn't particularly picky if the peanut stash is empty. She will also enjoy a grape or a milk bone dog treat or a piece of bread or a raisin, even. The problem, if you could call it that, which I don't really, but some might, is that her tree touches onto our deck which is right off of our kitchen, where there is, in fact, a great deal of food and food preparation and food comsumption and food discussion and discussion with food. She does not bring her own food to these events, but rather comes to visit to see if she can leave with as much food as possible stuck in her pockets which are actually, her cheeks. She loves to eat and run, in other words.

Despite all of this, we've grown rather fond of her and many's the day we spend tempting her to steal her treats right out of our hand, which she does. Mr. E the Esky thinks she's very unattractive and makes every attempt to chase her right back up her tree any chance he gets. But we think she's pretty... and despite the fact that she stares in the window at us most of the time with big, pleading brown eyes ... we'll probably continue to feed her have to admit, she's unusually attractive.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

the final brood member

I nearly forgot I'd promised a picture of him... quite the stunning example of rooster-hood, isn't he?
Silverado is our handsome Brahman Rooster ... he has a very persnickity personality along with feathery legs and very long, sharp spurs (look closely!). Here he is on the potting bench outside my studio where he often lingers. My husband hates his crow and has threatened strangulation or worse many's the day. Poor dear. So that's it. That's all of them. All my children.

Silver, as he is called, fondly, by me only I'm afraid, is very stuck on me as well, and sits at the window while I work and stares in at me most of the day. On rainy days, I sometimes let him come inside as the floor is concrete and is quite easy to clean. Unfortunately, he is quite aggressive with everyone else, including my husband. Let's just say, they have a hate-hate relationship.

My little hen, Mabel, died last year, and ever since, Silver has been very lonely and more clingy with me, no one else. I really would love to find him a place where he could live out his days among a harem of hens. Sigh... poor love.

the morning constitution

the dentist reassured me my tooth would give me no further problems ... and so I went to breakfast to chomp on some eggs and toast just to make sure ... and plenty of hot coffee with cream, too. And you know what? It held up? No problem yet. Tonight I'll try some popcorn just to make sure.

When I came home, I pulled on my walking shoes and the dogs and I headed off to the park for a morning run.

leaving me in the dust they are off to explore the road ahead ... what fun! plenty of bushes to be marked and smelly things to roll in before she can catch up with us...

where is that slowpoke? Better wait up. we don't want her to exert herself too much! Poor decrepit old devil.


As I sat in the dentist's chair this morning, I did some very important thinking. Why all the most important thoughts seem to come when I'm about to be tortured, I'm not sure ... but, this is what I realized, when I'm home and should be working, I seem to find a zillion other things to do, none of which have any real purpose other than to take up a good portion of my day, by the end of which, I can honestly say I've done nothing.

I've decided a list is in order. A list of things to do so my day will appear to have some reasonable format and that things I set out to do in my head, I actually do ... as in, physically DO THEM, not just think about doing them and having done that, think I'm done. Make sense? Nor to me, really. Still ... I think its a good idea.

that will be the subject of my next post ... my list ... or ... how to prioritize my day ... something like that.

til then, then ...

a quiet morning

through slanted eyes she peers.... "I wish she'd make some attempt to learn how to use that camera ... as in ... turn off the flash!"

fine, composes herself.... okay then, shoot away.... I never was one to waste a perfectly good photo opp. kitty-cat enjoying a quiet, misty morning on the deck... sigh

Now I must leave you. The blogger here must go to the dentist, as luck would have it, and have that crown placed. Off to roust man child to move "his" car so I can get out of the driveway. Who woulda thunk I'd be asking HIM to move HIS car! it doesn't bear thinking, really.
later... ~L

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

things in bloom

Believe it or not ... I bought this rose quite a few years back ... and can't remember the name any longer. It was on sale and I believe a "good thing" per Martha Stewart. It has indeed been a good thing. Isn't it beautiful? And I hardly ever glance crosswise at it ... it just does its thing without complaint, unlike a few other of my garden dwellers, of whom I refuse to name names but they know who they are!

dog days

Mr. E says "Hi" and of course, he insists I mention he is a very good dog ... not like that spoiled cat and out of control birds, none of whom have any manners ... his words.

Being the geriatric member of the family, Ms. S is very well mannered and just a little old fashioned. Not quite so outspoken as her little Eskie brother. Definitely her momma's baby.

Now, you've seen the brood. Oh ... almost forgot .... there's one more. But he's gone to roost so will have to visit with him tomorrow ... at dawn? See you then!

the not so secret lives of two very bad birdies

Here we are (Ms. L and Mr. R) having a bit of rice krispies with our mom. Sorry we didn't have a chance to use our napkins and yes, we do always talk with our mouths full. Please pay no attention to the droopy rose in the background. More ... please? The bowl here looks humungous but really it isn't! Really! I don't eat a giant charger full of cereal in the morning. It's all a matter of perspective ... really! Being a slap-happy photographer of sorts, I know about these things.

Could it be any clearer that my life has gone to the birds?

the secret life of one particularly spoiled kitty cat

need I say more.....
pitiful.... ain't it....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a sneak peak

i hung this over the back of the kitchen chair just so you could see it ... this is the one my dear birdie wanted so much to eat. I will be fattening the purple turquoise bead (yes, I did say purple turquoise) with more wire wrapped trifles, but ran out of head-pins so was forced to stop in my tracks. but ... just for you ... a peak. The color is washed out under the kitchen lights. Should have a good photo tomorrow!

thank you, my friend "P"

i opened up my blogspot today and actually had a comment! Which meant, someone had actually visited and said "hello!" ... thank you so much! (How many times did I just say "actually?") How nice to know I am not writing off into the sunset alone! AND .... how nice to see it was my good friend, Priscilla, who visited! (How many times have I said "How!" And now suddenly I can't seem to get back to the original color of my ink for my blog. I must say I've had nothing but technical problems lately. Couldn't be me. Thank you, Priscilla! Nice to have a visitor and glad you liked the amethyst and turquoise "in the works" piece. I will post a picture of the actual one soon. Oops ... there goes that word again!

i actually (gahhh!) got sidetracked today and DIDN'T work on that one at all, but ended up photographing like a mad woman until I began yelling at the poor pitiful necklaces because they wouldn't lay just right (not their fault, of course)... time for your medication, dear, I said. Which is, in fact, a nice cup of tea and a session with my feet up.

THEN ... I got inspired ... after the tea and the feet bit, and made something really lovely which is still not completed because I've been looking it over all night and wondering what else it needs before it's perfect, and figuring it did indeed need something. Just not sure what.

And while I was hanging it on my knee and admiring it, my little bratty parrot Ms. L decided she wanted to admire it too, and in fact, she wanted to admire it in her beak, which translates to, she should be eating it. She seemed to be saying...all the nice little beads shant go to waste, afterall.

Because Ms. L. is also a sweet little girl-bird-friend, despite her annoying habit of eating everything she sees, I decided to let her play on my knee and put the necklace away. She watched me hide it however and spent the entire evening trying to get it back in her beak, and I kept hiding it in new places. Do you have any idea just how smart parrots are? And did I say persistent?

On to another subject, it is 10:30 p.m. and the man-child is not home yet. I'm trying to loosen the apron strings on the adolescent, really, be less clingy and protective... but these things make me terribly uncomfortable. He did call. Must give him that. To say he was on his way, just had to drop off his two friends. He's been skating at the skate park all evening and .... then to the mall ... and ... well, all the things boys do in the summertime when the evenings are bright and the days are warm. Did I just say that? Mmmmm.... maybe not ALL the things. Please ... not all? Ooo... he JUST walked in the door! All better now.

Good night, ~L

on the website

Monday, July 23, 2007

drizzly days

a relaxing, rainy weekend was in order and just what we got... in typical northwest fashion. Often we get sun all week while we're working indoors and then the weekend arrives just to greet us with a deluge! And so it did. But I didn't really mind at all being that this has been a terribly steamy summer and the rain is really, really welcome! Really! Cooled things off a bit, actually, and the grass sprouted an additional three feet in response!

I've been spending much of my time in my studio lately, laying slate tiles this way and that, perching shiny pieces of jewelry in all manner of position and shooting pictures for my portfolio. Guess what? I'm getting better! Practice actually does pay off, in case you thought otherwise. And I think ... remember when we DIDN'T have digital cameras? And we had to DEVELOP our film ... which meant, for the likes of me, taking it to Walgreens or KMart and waiting a few days. Well, they do have 1 hour film, but ... usually most of those photos you imagined would come out wonderful ... were duds! And then you were back at square one ... taking tons of addiitonal photos that would probably be duds in the end. What a WASTE!

Well, now we just look at the picture we JUST took 1 second ago and if we don't like it we delete it and move on! I have been only the slightest bit techno-challenged over the years, I admit, BUT ... in this case, I LOVE technology! I love my digital camera. I spent close to $300 on it ... not top quality but a good camera nevertheless ... back ... well, probably at the beginning of the year. Now I'm thinking I should've gotten the 8.5 pixel or some amazing zoom for closeups, but truth is, mine is just fine. For now. Maybe .... next year would be a good time to upgrade on the camera.

In the meantime, out of the studio, the man-child ebbs ever closer to 17 ... as in this weekend! Husband gave him the car THIS weekend instead of waiting for who knows what reason, and he says I'm the soft one! So, said teenager is cruising around right now. Or will be just as soon as he gets out of his summer school class. Now, dinner out Saturday night coming ...with too many teenagers I might add, for the birthday celebration ... and well, I'll be glad when this particular "passage" is over. I dread the one to come, however. The big 18. But that's another year away and I think I can relax until then.

Love ~L

Friday, July 20, 2007

the trouble with tassles ... they're addictive!

Here I mixed slate with copper organza as a backdrop. My camera is 6.0 pixel with a zoom. I usually turn off the flash because it causes such a glare. I have a nice east facing window in my studio, and that's where I do most of my photography ... it gives a more natural effect ... I think.

I abslutely adore the amazing color contrasts in this peridot, coral and amethyst piece ... I had to make the earrings simple since the tassle is so sassy!

I went a little over the top with this little turquoise choker... just couldn't stop fattening the tassle!

A study in pink and greens is this little 16 inch necklace with flourite, pearl and a green striped lampwork bead that reminds me of ribbon candy. I really like how well this piece photographed against the slate.

the agony of photographing jewelry and other mishaps

I use a box of sand to photograph my jewelry usually, but it gets boring after awhile... all those same images over and over again, and I'm trying to find some other way to display pieces with an ounce of penache. Here I laid a silky, copper chifon over a lavender silk ... not bad, but still not exactly what I'm looking for. I certainly want the piece to be the show-stopper, not the fabric.

I finally ordered some upper-torso, jewelry display mannequins and can hardly wait for them to arrive! I'm hoping I will be able to use them for photographs for the website, so customers can actually see how the piece will hang, which is the question I get most. And since Miss Lilly (my thriftstore found dress form) isn't all together attractive enough to be a professional model, she shall remain in the background, in my studio, helping me fit necklaces behind the scenes.

Always looking for new ways to present my jewelry, I went back to Clear Creek Nursery in Silverdale yesterday, and purchased a square block of grey slate. I'll show you more on that tomorrow!

Happy creating!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

a morning's work

Cream-colored quartz, white freshwater pearls, Sterling silver and fused glass.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the tags


Last night, I had the most enjoyable task of making jewelry tags (no, I am not being sarcastic, either). I didn't mean to end up making my own tags, and in fact I searched the web diligently and found companies that make tags just for this purpose. But being as lorakellydesigns is currently of limited means in that these times are but our feeble beginnings, I decided that I should do this myself, being perfectly capable and certainly someone who enjoys a challenge as well as anything creative. Much cutting and clipping and tying, two glasses of Pinot Grigio, many mishaps and a good deal of general silliness later... I came up with some really neat earring cards and small tags for necklaces and bracelets.

much needed rain brings relief to the sweatshop

I was so happy to see the rain this morning! We've been having a heat wave with upper 80 and 90 degree temperatures. Very unWashington if you ask me. I don't ever recall such heat! A day here or there over the years, but not weeks on end! Its very hard to work in the heat as my "studio" has no insulation and is indeed a sweatshop. Above, my feet soak up the moisture ... don't look too closely ... no manicure in, I'm afraid .... waaaay too long. Yes ... those are my pajamas. You did see correctly.

The blue spruce is even bluer in the rain... sort of a surreal blue. Everything glistens and is renewed.

Remember the new dooor?
Just one more coat of paint should do it.

Having tea and reading my email .... looking out from where I sit this morning!
So glad its raining!
It smells divine!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

wouldn't you know it? a toothache for the holiday!

Just before the holiday ... "The Fourth" ... I met with the most unfortunate experience of biting into a lump of popcorn that wasn't fully popped... in otherwords, that lump was nothing less than a seed. At the moment of said bite ... I felt a terrible shooting pain in my wisdom tooth ... until recently I had all 4 of them, I might add (that's another story!). The pain went away quickly and I thought nothing of it until the next morning when I sipped my hot tea and crunched my cold cereal ... it swirled in the back of my mouth and the shooting pain became a stabbing pain (a "cereal" killer stabbing pain). I weathered the holiday sipping luke warm liquids, carefully maneuvering food to the good side of my mouth, and holding my left hand over my left jaw. My mood was less than the usual "jovial" reserved for holidays but no one complained, especially after the man-child tried to put out a small fire gathering in the brush (we'll leave out the part about how said fire occured in the first place!) and drove a rusty wire into his big toe. Not good! Finally, a foot soak, 12 dabs of neosporin and umpteen bandages later, after it was deemed the man-child would survive, my other half decided to take it upon himself to call the dentist and get me in as soon as possible ...considering I haven't been to the dentist this year and half a good $2K to spend on something unpreventable as this surely was! This morning I found that I luckily did not require a root canal, whew! But, I had actually broken my tooth ... a crack... some such thing, and air was leaking in and annoying the nerve. A crown was required and hours later I am drinking hot tea and cold lemonade and up to my old tricks. So ... it just goes to show you... well, I'm really not sure what it goes to show anyone but ... isn't it always right before a holiday that everything that could go wrong does go wrong! Teeth have an uncanny ability of going haywire on weekends and holidays. Otherwise, we had a lovely 4th. I hope yours was as lovely, sans the tooth thing!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

feathered friends

Ms. L and Mr. R ... double trouble... who have found themselves a pair of glasses to disect having been shooed away from the keyboard, suddenly realize the camera is upon them!

Lazy Evenings

Ms. E. who especially likes the deck makes no bones about absconding with whichever chair is warmest ... whether that be due to a splash of sunlight or due to the fact that I just stood up to get another cup of tea. Don't even think she'll move when I return ... I must get another chair or have nowhere to sit... this is the thinking of cats in general, I suspect.