Tuesday, July 17, 2007

much needed rain brings relief to the sweatshop

I was so happy to see the rain this morning! We've been having a heat wave with upper 80 and 90 degree temperatures. Very unWashington if you ask me. I don't ever recall such heat! A day here or there over the years, but not weeks on end! Its very hard to work in the heat as my "studio" has no insulation and is indeed a sweatshop. Above, my feet soak up the moisture ... don't look too closely ... no manicure in, I'm afraid .... waaaay too long. Yes ... those are my pajamas. You did see correctly.

The blue spruce is even bluer in the rain... sort of a surreal blue. Everything glistens and is renewed.

Remember the new dooor?
Just one more coat of paint should do it.

Having tea and reading my email .... looking out from where I sit this morning!
So glad its raining!
It smells divine!

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