Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the not so secret lives of two very bad birdies

Here we are (Ms. L and Mr. R) having a bit of rice krispies with our mom. Sorry we didn't have a chance to use our napkins and yes, we do always talk with our mouths full. Please pay no attention to the droopy rose in the background. More ... please? The bowl here looks humungous but really it isn't! Really! I don't eat a giant charger full of cereal in the morning. It's all a matter of perspective ... really! Being a slap-happy photographer of sorts, I know about these things.

Could it be any clearer that my life has gone to the birds?


Country Cottage Chic said...

Your birds are very sweet & just love your kitty!
I enjoyed looking at your pretty jewellery too.

yours truly said...

Thank you for visiting. I'm just getting around to finding other like-minded bloggers ... its very fun. I enjoyed your blog, too. Your kitty and mouse tale was sweet. ;)