Monday, August 27, 2007

spider bites aren't fun, among other things

if it's weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all ... anyone remember Hee Haw? No? ... never mind. Still, luck, or rather the lack of it, seems to be the theme of the month of August for my human and animal family. Quite a few posts back I'm sure I mentioned "the Irishman's" visit to the doctor wherein he (we) found out he was not only allergic to the birds, but also to the cat and the two dogs! How nice.

Over a month later and several prescription medications consumed he is still not one ounce better than he was the first day he decided to go get needle poked by an overzealous receptionist (I swear), and told that perhaps he had a very slight allergy to our non-human children ($700 later). (Imagine being told you are allergic to your children?) Okay.... not the teenagers (whom I realize we all have allergic reactions to now and again) but rather your little toddlers? That's what it was like! An additional $300 in Heppa filters later, he's still coughing.

So I moved the birds upstairs. Oh my ... lucky you weren't here THAT day! Lucky no one was. The dogs hid, if that's any indication of how fun it was. You see, the bird cage is very large because it contains two parrots. So, I let the parrots play on a bookcase while I emptied out the cage, dragged it through the kitchen, knocked down several cups and cherished pottery pieces in the process, cursed, got the freaking thing down the stairs, and zapped it with the power hose. In the meantime, the parrots were unusually quiet. Good, you're thinking, right? No. Not good. Parrots being much like small children.

I then cleared out a nice spot at the top of the stairs by the big window where they could watch the workmen on the lot next door build the 18 houses that will destroy the neighborhood ... but that's another story. Then, back downstairs (there's 13 of them by the way, weird, huh!) and down another three to the patio where I then hauled the dripping bird condo back inside, took out several more precious nick nacks, and hoisting the thing half on back, precariously slipping on the wet stairs, lugged it up 13 stairs where I did battle with the thing (and they say most accidents happen in the home ... wonder why?), all the foul words I was merely thinking did in fact escape my lips (no sign of the dogs at this point), and finally after much repositioning and dagger looks at anything that moved in the vicinity, I got the thing situated. Then I packed up and down the stairs another three times to gather the grate and perches and feed dishes until everything was in place and perfect.

By the time I got back to the computer room which was the previous home of Mr. R and Ms. L ... there was a pile of confetti (I think that might have been a very thick book about hypnosis) and a half eaten bookcase. Luckily, I didn't like that bookcase very much because it was one of those put it together yourself Target specials. So ... I'm still relatively sane at this point.

After situating the birds in their new home, which they were very suspicious of and perched precariously on the door and stared at me in utter confusion and uncertainty without so much as one indication that they might actually ever inhabit their old condo in its new location ... I went back to the computer room to "de-bird" it. This took me most of the rest of the day. The birds watched from their perch at the top of the stairs. Worried expressions lingering on their brows. Yes, birds do actually have brows.

By the time the allergic Irishman got home, you'd never know a bird lived in our house, what with a pristine environment and heppa filters blowing fresh air all about the place and not an animal to be seen (the dogs and cat were still hiding) ... except for the fact that two very nervous parrots were screeching from the top of the stairs ... it sounded something like "HELP ... SAVE US!"

I swear it was the very next day when I noticed our little Esky, Mr. E., who'd finally come out of hiding to eat, came down with a terrible rash all over his body following a reaction to his flea medication. I clipped away at least twenty-five pounds of hair and still couldn't find his skin ... but eventually, after continued snipping and pulling and coming to understand what a sheep shearer must feel like, I did ...and slathered his rash with neosporin, the wonder drug of the century. At this point our dear Mr. E resembled something like a French poodle who'd received his last hairdo at the nearest hedgeclipper's. Needless to say he was mortified to go out in public.

The very next day, truth, our beautiful golden Shepard Ms. S was bitten by something, I think it was a brown recluse spider ... and suddenly her eye, cheek and nose swole up (I do realize swole is not a word, however, here it fits quite nicely) with blisters that popped and began to bleed. Gahhh! At this point, I had to chase her with the neosporin.

Okay, perhaps two days later, Mr. E's "hot spots" were not doing so well, despite neosporin, Reiki treatments and oatmeal baths ... and so it was time to bite the bullet and go to the vet for a cortisone shot. However, the vet thought it would be very nice to shave his tail, to help heal one of the more severe "spots." I had to hold Mr. E because he was growling like a hyena, bearing his pearly whites, and acting totally in character. But if you'd seen what that vet did to his tail, you'd sympathize. Now he looks like a weird white lion with a naked tail and a baboon's bottom. Every time my eyes happen to fall upon his backside he is prone to growl at me or look certifiably embarrassed. The very nice vet also gave us some antibiotics to help him heal quicker.

In the meantime, Ms. S's spider bite has spread. I looked it up on-line and there are horrid photos of spider bites! Now I'm feeling very frantic and slathering neosporin on her every two hours, and giving her Mr. E's antibiotics. She runs from me every time I reach for the neosporin and tries to hide her huge bulk under the bed.

The Irishman, by now, has gotten no better at all and continues to hack like a 30 year smoker and has given up all faith in the medical establishment. But back to the doctor he goes, and now they think he's aspirating or maybe he has acid reflux. GAHHHHH ... he takes a new bunch of pills (these are purple) and once again there is no response. He goes back to the allergy specialist's nice receptionist ... apparently there are shots that can give you immunity. Really? Who knew? Immunity to what? The birds? The dogs? The cat? Acid Reflux? Aspirating?

He keeps asking me, like I actually know something, what do you think it is? They've x-rayed, they've poked, prodded, checked his throat, his esophagus, his larynx, his lungs ... it appears he's coughing for no reason at all! I think a minute and look him in the eye. I still think it's the birds, I say. So now he walks around the house with a mask. Should we move the birds out of the house? I ask. No, he says, I love those birds! Are you crazy? I'm getting those shots! But in the meantime, he wears the mask and takes the purple pills, just in case the doctors do know what they are talking about, but which I very highly doubt.

Amid all these goings on, the birds, who have yet to truly accept their new home, repeatedly leap from their perches to land at the bottom of the 13 stairs, sort of like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when they leaped off the cliff into the raging river miles below! I can just hear them say, "but I can't fly ... so what, we'll probably die from the fall anyway!"

In the meantime, the "young man" has turned his ankle skateboarding for the umpteenth time and is hold up on the couch or in bed with his foot up in the air and wrapped in ice or generally wimpering and limping about the place and begging for room service.

This week, with all of the forementioned taken into account, despite painting, making jewelry, preparing for a houseload of company, I'm running up and down the stairs with two insecure birds on my shoulder, caring for two-legged and four-legged patients like a much friendlier version of Nurse Ratchid ... ( right about to fly over the cuckoo's nest myself!) Just picture me chasing down dogs, cornering them, slathering on neosporin and stuffing hot dogs loaded with antibiotics down their throats. It doesn't actually bare thinking, does it?

Trouble is, I'm not sure at this point if it was the teenager who got that last antibiotic stuffed in a hot dog or the Irishman who got the neosporin slathered on his eye. And who, for godsakes, took the last purple pill!

A spa sounds "real nice" right about now ... actually a small cave in the Andes shared with nothing but a family of roving coatimundies sounds heavenly.


Note: For those of you who DON'T remember ... here's words from that infamous country variety show of the 60's featuring Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, Roy Clark, Grandpa Jones,and a whole slew of old time country-western singers which I must say I loved to watch and who's huge audience base shall forever baffle mankind, science and the arts, while somehow managing to remain time immemorial:

"Gloom, despair and agony on me
Deep dark depression, excessive misery
If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all
Gloom, despair and agony on me...."

That's about it.

Friday, August 24, 2007

urban goddess couture

Without fuss, the earth dons her finest ... night or day, dressing herself up in flora, water and stone. A brief lesson: Citrine is my favorite stone for it's simple, delicate beauty and golden color, known by the ancients as the Merchant's Stone, and often kept in cash boxes to draw more good fortune to it's keeper. Citrine has a very high vibrational quality and is used as a healing stone to pull refined, golden light into the auric field and down through the 7 main chakras for the ultimate cleansing. Smokey quartz is a delicate, brown crystal and is known as an excellent grounding stone, bringing its keeper stability, confidence and reason.

una terra

( A study in turquoise with one small, faceted carnelian. Something about this beautiful blue-green turquoise captured my heart. It's actually much daintier than one would expect looking at this photograph! Turquoise, of course, is associated with the throat chakra vibrationally; an ally of the authentic voice of it's wearer. Carnelian is a reddish-orange stone associated with the vibration of the sacral chakra, and was also been known by the ancients as sard. Carnelian assists with clearing of the lower emotions including depression, anger and jealousy, among others. It is said to increase the energy of the wearer and renew sexual vigour. Together, they speak of confidence and grounding, good nature, honesty and comfort with one's sensuality. Not unlike the mother earth herself!)

Today's pieces will be posted on both websites this weekend:,

spring thaw

("Spring Thaw" is composed of white coral, green turquoise and one polished aventurine stone pendant. Coral is very slow growing and harvested from the seas in the Mediterrainean to the South Pacific. It is actually the skeletal remains of plant-like sea creatures. The Romans placed strings of coral around the necks of their children for protection from misfortune, and it was worn by royalty in the Orient, with some museum pieces dating back 25,000 years!)

For information regarding purchase of this piece, be sure to check my website at or this weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

desert sea

Various sizes and shapes of Coral make up the bulk of this little necklace, only 14 inches long. The tassle combines two shades of Turquoise along with red and white Coral pieces.


The colors were inspired by a Chinese proverb ...

"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come."

So what of this reminds one of either a tree or a singing bird?

(This dainty necklace is called "Promised." Something a Celtic princess might wear to a "Hand Fasting" ceremony, to be wed for a year and a day, and then to decide if she will remain a wife or take back her freedom. Thus two hearts, one large and strong. The smaller delicate heart is struck by Cupid's arrow. The stones here are Peridot and Amethyst. )

Peridot was used by the Egyptians and Aztecs for cleansing toxic energies and negative emotions such as jealousy and rage, even. Associated with both the heart and solar plexus chakras, sharing the same vibrational signature, it allows one to move forward towards unconditional love with a clarity and a calm heart. It has been called a good "first stone" for those who have begun the search for spiritual awakening, because of its quiet energy. Whereas a higher vibration might cause feelings of light headedness, nausea or back pain as energetic toxins are stirred and brought to the surface.

Amethyst is THE healing stone of choice. A beloved, high vibrational stone that matches the vibrational signature of the crown chakra. I spoke of Amethyst's qualities below in my August 9th entry; Journey in Stone.

Unfortunately, this piece will not go on the sale block as it has already been promised. The new owner is a lovely Irish woman ... so this little piece will be shipped out to the Emerald Isle. I just like to photograph them before they go off into the world.

Oh ... and I haven't forgotten that I have three more to tag!


Monday, August 20, 2007

the tagees

since I'm officially IT, now's the time for me to be tagging. I was hoping to find others who have never BEEN tagged, but it's very hard to figure that out searching through the blogs unless you read every post for the last 12 months ... very ... very time consuming! So I will do my best.

Once you are tagged, be sure to visit the sites of the other taggees, and check in with them ... say hi! See what they do, introduce yourself, that sort of thing, if you can ... obviously, we're all busy and this is supposed to be fun and informative! So, have fun with it. The OFFICIAL RULES are listed in the previous post ... down below this one. Okay?

Here's the lucky tagees:

Indigo Blah at

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Okay ... so it's only four. I have three more to go. Not to worry ... I'll get there!

Now ... tagees ... be sure to look below for the official rules ... okay?

Have a wonderful Monday!


Friday, August 17, 2007

official tag rules for tagees

Tag Rules

1. List seven random facts/habits about yourself

2. Choose another SEVEN bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog

3. Leave your seven tagged bloggers comments to notfiy them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

getting tagged and the seven things

as I sat down to write my entry this morning, I was very excited to see that I'd been tagged by my fellow etsy jewelry maker Ackeloade! Hmmmmm....You're sneaky! Not that I really understand anything about being tagged, mind you, it just seemed... well ... exciting anyway. I have noted this "tagging" phenomonen going on as I've perused the blogs on a regular basis while taking my morning tea, and thought it looked fun... and I especially love to read those seven "things" everyone must tell about themselves once they've been tagged. They MUST tell secret things about themselves... or... or ... like ... self-destruct or something. So ... sure as heck ...I'm game!

The only thing is ... now that I'm the tagEE... I also get to be the tagER ... which I'm not so sure how that will work, since as a child I never liked being IT because everyone ran so darn fast and hid so darn well! Oh, wait ... that's hide and seek, isn't it? We're not playing that, right? (Oh... distraction... just this moment I looked up to catch Vera out in my flower box digging up the pansies! Lovely!) For those of you who missed it, Vera is the (sweet?) squirrel who lives in the giant cedar tree next to my deck. (So where was I? Golly, I am easily distracted, obviously... I suppose that should be one of my 7 things).

Okay .... so here goes:

  • Number One: I am easily distracted. I think I have undiagnosed ADD. I can certainly hyperfocus, like when I'm eating chocolate ice cream or reading a totally forgettable romance novel. I can be vigilant about the strangest things ... like noticing that one of the sofa pillows is in the wrong position or noticing that one window smudge in an otherwise immaculate house (okay ... on the rare ocassion the house is immaculate) ... but paying bills, balancing my check book, talking about cars or plumbing, doing anything math related ... you can be pretty sure the lights are on, but no one's home.

  • Number Two: I am a dog maniac and magnet. I have been known to cross to the other side of the road just to visit with doggies ... worse, while driving...swerve to the side of the road in order to jump out and visit with doggies. Sad isn't it. Really? And wherever I go, dogs seem to find me. I'm always trying to save them ... sometimes to my detriment and everyone elses. And have brought home my share of strays, sad sacks and lost souls of the four legged persuasian in my lifetime. Once, I found a huge german shephard running along the highway. I coaxed him into my back seat with my son, then a toddler in a car seat, and drove home to check out his tags and call his owner, all the while he hung his huge head over my shoulder, licking my ear or my baby son's face. We found the owner, by the way.

Gosh ... I'm only to number three?

  • Number Three: I am a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner. Reiki is an ancient healing art discovered in Japan which involves the laying on of hands. I received my first attunements seven years ago, and only last year felt ready to move up to level II. (I'm a slow mover ... that's another thing!) I have had great success using it on myself and other's to dissipate aches and pains, skin disorders, depression and animal ailments. I love it so much because it feels so nurturing and deeply relaxing to the giver and receiver. It's a miracle right in our midst and I'm surprised at how many people don't know about it, or merely dismiss it without ever having experienced it.

That's all for today because I will need to think about the other "things" before I continue, and also, it's already quite late already ... just look at the clock! I must run. So, I will return tomorrow morning (or maybe later tonight if I am able) to provide the remaining 4 "things" and decide, too, who I get to tag! I can't wait!

It's the next day already! And I decided I would pick up the next "things" in the same blog entry, otherwise, well ... it would just be too confusing.

Number Four: I'm a popcorn-a-holic. In my book, popcorn is the 5th food group and must be consumed on a daily basis or else the body will have a nervous breakdown. I'm very careful, mind you, to make sure I buy only good popcorn with 0 transfats. Orville Redenbacher makes some lovely popcorn worthy of addicted souls like me.

Number Five: I am the most disorganized person I've ever met. Truth. But I hide it very well and most of my friends are totally unaware. This is why, I try to do all things at once. Because of my undiagnosed ADD, I try to do everything on my mind all at the same time and it isn't easy to read ten books, work on 12 projects, clean all the rooms of the house, paint the front door, re-design the garden, re-arrange the furniture, write a romance novel, meditate, pay the bills, learn a new technique , bake a pie, make a list of all the things I need to do, listen to all my favorite music and relax with a cup of tea or a glass of wine all at the same time! It's downright dysfunctional. I just want to do everything now and I don't want to wait and I have no ability to see tomorrow because I'm so entangled in today. Sad, isn't it. Funny thing is, I'm usually pretty calm about it.

Number Six: I hate to cook. First let me clarify one thing. I absolutely LOVE to bake! And I really LOVE to eat baked things ... cookies, especially. Okay ... I like cake too. Pie's nice. I think I hate to cook because I"m so busy doing all the other things listed in Number Five above (you might wish to scroll up and re-read those). That's why Pizza Tuesday is my favorite night of the week. Because I don't have to cook! I am very jealous of the wonderful cooks I see in the blogs ... so creative! Such skill. I truly wish I could enjoy cooking more. But I'm more likely to put on a roast, and head off to do other things while it cooks, then forget the roast is in the oven. Not good. Just ask my husband.

Number Seven (FINALLY): I love rain. It's not that I hate the sun. It's very pretty and it does warm things up nicely and where would my flowers be without it. But my favorite day in the world is a rainy one. Where the rain falls gently or in torrents, it doesn't really matter. If I have places to go, I prefer a warm, gentle mist. If I have a good book a clean house and no place to go, I prefer powerful wind and lashing rain! I love to work in my shop with the door open on a rainy, summer day. The air is thickly scented with Douglas fir and dark, fertile earth and everything is sparkling and clean. My dream day: If I can pull on a sweater, wool socks, jeans and boots and head off down a wooded lane with my dogs on a misty morning ... there is nothing sweeter in life. I've died and gone to heaven.

So that's my seven. And now I get to be IT. That will have to wait for a later post!

Monday, August 13, 2007

remembering a feathered friend

last year I lost a beloved friend to the wind. A parrot. It was a terrible accident, all too familiar among bird owners, forgetting her wings had grown out, my husband who'd been carrying her on his shoulder all afternoon, walked outside in a rainstorm for some simple task, and she spooked and flew into the trees. Having no experience with flight, having weak breast muscles, a heart not accustomed to bouts of flight, a life in captivity ... well, the odds were against her. We never found her again despite days of combing the woods and calling, placing posters everywhere and her picture on the internet. The storm raged on for several days. We lost hope. Hawks and eagles frequent the area. A beautiful blue-green bird would hardly go unnoticed. Especially one who had trouble navigating the skies.

Arwen was a rescued bird. She'd lived in a small cage with a previous owner who finally decided she didn't want her any longer, she was loud and aggressive, apparently, and sold her to a local pet shop. I visited that shop one day to buy a toy for my dog. Arwen jumped on my shoulder and with her face nearly pressed into my cheek, stared sweetly into my eyes. Well, what could I do? I had no previous experience with parrots, but decided I couldn't live without her. I took her home that day. She was an absolute joy to our lives.

Sadly, we didn't have her long enough... hardly knew her ... but completely loved her.

Sometimes when I walk in the woods near my home, as I did today, I have a pang of emotion that runs deep. So many times when she was afraid it was necessary for her to look directly in my eyes for reassurance, sometimes crawling inside my shirt to peep out from my collar and survey the world from that safe place. I'd promised to protect her forever from the loneliness she'd come from, from abuse, from any imagined harm that might befall her, confident that she'd be with me forever... for her, a good 40 years!

She was just a bird, you might say. But if you've never lived with a parrot, you could never know the intense, loving bond that is formed with these amazing, intelligent birds. As great as that with a beloved dog. Perhaps even greater.

I have two young parrots now, just a year old. Both as sweet and smart as can be. The bond is already stronger with these two, because they've only known love and kindness and both lack the mistrust that Arwen possessed when she first came to live with us, having previously experienced how deceptive a relationship with humans can be. These two play exhuberantly and fearlessly, laying on their backs with their feet up in the air, silly and childlike. Many parrots mate for life and their flocks are tight family groups of older and younger siblings. Aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers ... just like ours. Thankfully, these two will never know anything but friendship, kindness, gentle hands, and loving care.

I guess this month I've thought much about her loss. I know there was a lesson to be learned. Something about letting go of attachments in a universe where death and loss are everyday occurances. As are exquisite beauty, birth, compassion, virtue and hope.

Had it not been for Arwen choosing me that day, I would've never known about parrots. I would've never made the decision to bring two of them into my home! The door of their cage is opened every morning until they go to sleep at night. They have their play area, and plenty of toys, and then they have me ... their biggest toy. Their favorite toy, too, I might add.

Just as I am writing this loving tribute, little Mr. R., the dusky headed conure, popped the Escape key right off my laptop! Just in case I waxed too poetically!

(Above is a photograph of Arwen in my husband's hands, getting a head rub! But it took time to get her to this point ... initially she wouldn't allow anyone to touch her back. Once she came to trust us, this was one of her favorite things!)

Sunday afternoon, after much talk of rain... the sun shown and the day was warm and beautiful. And again, this morning is perfect. Not too warm, nice and breezy. I haven't decided whether I will continue my painting spree or reorganize my shop today. (I just learned last night that "spree" was an old Scottish word meaning "cattle raid!") Neither enterprise seems particularly appealing today ... a third option is to take the day off and head to the seaside. But that wouldn't be very productive, would it?

Still weighing my options. May your day be fabulous!

Friday, August 10, 2007

future work in progress

I've been searching for sometime for very pale blue turquoise and having no luck. I found these lovely rounds, although not the blue I really wanted, but I think I will settle this time. The key is antiqued brass which I plan to somehow include in this piece as a pendant.

As turquoise is blue it is associated with the sky-blue color of the throat chakra and therefore increases the power and clarity of that particular energy center, assisting the wearer with finding their own voice and speaking their truth. Somehow, in my mind, the key signifies opening that particular gate or portal and setting free an extraordinary life purpose and authentic story in the world.
But, alas, that is the extent of my creative spark today, my studio needing a good cleaning and major feat of organization. Then of course ... there are my friends....

Can we play?

Guess they win.

Later.... ~L

Thursday, August 9, 2007

journey in stone

i have long considered starting another blog dedicated to the healing and regenerative power of stones, and that may be a future endeavor as another way of looking at gemstone jewelry for those of you who may be interested ... I'll keep you posted here as to whether I do. However, in the meantime I have decided to at least offer some of that type of information here since this site is dedicated to the inside view of the daily life of a jewelry maven. And stones are an integral part of my existence. Though I do prefer to keep this site light and humorous and not belabour you, my dear visitors, with the deeper aspects of my journey in stone.

that being said, I will give you a small history lesson. You may not be aware that the original purpose of jewelry was not for physical adornment! Imagine....

in ancient times, only rulers, holy people or healers wore "jewelry" or those who required healing or had somehow earned the right, or had the need to carry a particular stone, and thus entertain its qualities and influence. Stones were thus carried close to the body and secured. Ta Da... jewelry!

(I called the bracelet pictured above Love's Catch. Rose quartz is a translucent pink stone said to express an energetic vibration matching the high-heart's. It's gentle light draws and expounds upon unconditional love, kindness and nurturing. Flourite, the green stone, has been called The Relationship Stone, helping to balance and stabalize emotions, honor clear vision and decisions based on truth, rather than fogged by emotion.)

(Above is pictured a long, flapper style, wrap necklace of freshwater pearl, jaspar and jade I have named Avalon. Did you know jade has been said to carry the energy of all previous wearers forever ... therefore be careful from whom you buy your jade!)

whether one believes in the healing or recuperative power of stones, or not, it exists and is discussed in our most ancient texts and languages including Sanskrit. Individuals of royalty carried crystals with them (eventually they became the crown jewels) initially to enable them to govern their societies with clarity, wisdom and integrity. Crystal, as discussed in my July 30th full moon blog, draws, holds and refracts energy, and thus the crown jewels were passed down through the generations, in hopes that too was all wisdom gained by the previous rulers.

gems have been worn for thousands of years around wrists, on fingers, as amulets or carried in medicine bags. Because of their ability to stimulate energy, they have always been consciously or unconsciously worn in conjunction with the various chakras, or energy centers of the body, thus activating certain qualities such as love and compassion, wisdom, right action, right speech or creativity.

(The Jasper donut here can be removed from the necklace. Jasper was long considered The Warrior's Stone and was carried into battle as an amulet or totem. The stone's vibrational qualities coincide with those of strength, courage, trust and nobility. It has been used in therapeutic environments to help those who are dealing with addictive behaviors break free, or shy withdrawn people dealing with difficult change find courage. I think it is a beautiful stone that tells a story if one looks deep enough. This one of mountainous journeys, mist and mystery. )

you are probably thinking, how in the world do people use stones to heal? That just seems weird. I suppose if you really think about it, we often receive a "healing" effect from an experience we might not have considered a healing modality! Certainly a kind word or a hug from a child or loved one. But think about stepping out into nature in your bare feet, feeling the warm or damp earth under you, smelling the sea air, sitting on a flat boulder warmed by the sun and watching a rushing river, even eating fresh foods ... things of this nature cause a feeling of renewed energy. This is a subtle healing response. If you seek healing from an experience consciously, you are adding an element of intent which strengthens the intensity of the experience.

(Here aventurine is mixed with amethyst and flourite. Amethyst is one of the crown jewels, and is called a mystical stone and coincides with the crown chakra, assisting us to get in touch with our highest values, true feelings and intuition, fostering healing, selflessness and spiritual awareness. Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and is appreciated for attracting abundance, wealth and opportunity. It has a reputation as "The Gambler's Stone" in that it has been held in esteem for its good luck qualities throughout the ages!)

the nature of crystal healing can be described as thus, aside from their beautiful physical qualities, when worn or placed in close proximity to the human body, their electromagnetic energy field joins with the human electromagnetic field, which you may have heard referred to as the aura. Kerlian photography proves this without a doubt. Remember, we are all energy on a sub-atomic level! The stone's particular color and light force "vibrations", are refracted into the aura and the increased color frequencies thus dissipate and/or neutralize physical, mental, emotional and psychic stress. The result is balance, which shows in the body as health. Most healing experiences are initially quite subtle, but sometimes the experience is amazing.

here's a good "test" if you are open to that ... which can be really fun and interesting! Find a stone that is very attractive to you ... one you find in nature is usually too dense ... but you may wish to go to a rock shop or new age shop where they have crystals, which have a more refined energy and are often easily felt by even the most cynical naysayer!

holding the crystal in front of your body (close but not touching), in your thumb and forefinger, run it from your groin area upwards to the top of your crown ... what do you feel? What is most often felt is a tugging sensation in one or more locations as you move upward. There are 7 main chakra's located in the torso, neck and crown and these respond to the energetic field of the crystals as they come close together. I love this test because I've rarely had someone "not" have an experience! It's sort of that "yippy" feeling you get when you're on a roller coaster or glance down a long stairwell or over the side of a cliff!

but aside from the more aesthetic uses and meanings associated with the element of stone, the most healing experience of all can be merely wearing a special gemstone and feeling attractive because of it, or knowing your beloved grandmother wore it, perhaps there is a story surrounding it that is secret and beautiful... these experiences bring an unparalleled connection to your deepest self... and with this comes confidence and personal power! I say ...What doctor can give you that?

so that's my stone story for the day ... I will make an attempt to slip one in now and then, including the particular healing qualities of the various stones I use in my jewelry.

thanks for stopping by today!


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a new display mannequin

i was so excited to receive my new toy in the mail last night. Yes, I said last night, because it arrived around 7 pm on the evening of our ever-celebrated Pizza Tuesday! A knock came to the door just as I stuffed my mouth with mushrooms, cheese and tomato sauce! I opened the door, smiling with pursed lips and using hand signals as hot cheese burned a brand into my palette ... and there was the UPS guy in shorts (aren't they lucky?) bearing a cardboard box for LoraKellyDesigns! Just like Christmas!

I knew what it was as soon as I saw the Venus Display Mannequin return postage in the upper left hand corner and could barely contain myself while doing my best to remove three layers of that shiny mailing tape (which runs neck in neck in annoyability to duct tape!) In the end, I prevailed!

Look what I got! Isn't she lovely? I actually received two lovely ladies ... well, really I only got their upper torso's, not sure what happened to the rest of their bodies. In case you wondered, they will by no means replace the lovely blue fairy Flora! Never! Despite her unfortunate mishap with the slates, she is still as lovely as ever and holds a special place in my heart. Still ... I'm really excited about the new girls! This one photographs well, doesn't she?

My next photograph has nothing to do with mannequins or display models or blue fairies but is actually just an adorable picture of my two beloved parrots, that I hope you will indulge me by viewing; Ms. L (on the left) and Mr. R (on the right) ... both wanting their share of pizza and wondering why they must pose on the back of the chair when they'd much rather be sitting on my shoulder and attempting to pull pizza from my lips. Yes. They are THAT bad! Horribly spoiled ... I admit, but ... cute beyond words. And sweet? Well, indescribably.

Even though I design jewelry and spend a great deal of my time with stones and beads and findings and the like, I rarely get a chance to wear jewelry myself at home for one reason, these two bothersome birds! They love to be with me as much as possible which means, when I'm in the house, they are usually on my shoulder. From there, they have an excellent vantage point should they wish to partake of a lovely earring or pendant, and although they may look like gentle creatures, there is nothing they enjoy more than destruction! It's a parrot thing, nothing personal. And shiny, colorful beads offer just such an invitation. I fondly refer to them as "The Destructors!" ... sort of a super hero status that fits them well.

Ms. L is the more timid of the two and steps about like a delicate princess with a hoidy toidy attitude, Mr. R's nickname is "Kerplunk!" in that he's a sturdy little lump of a fellow with no airs or graces and who lives for fun, food and friendship. The order depending on his mood.

(Spell-check had great difficulties with this blog entry today! It is so confused by my challenging language! It really loved "annoyability" as you can imagine!)

You've obviously realized I am an animal lover, as so many of you are, I can tell by your blogs. And so I am glad and proud to be in good company.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

digressions in decorating

believe it or not, and you'll probably believe it because why wouldn't you ... I am blogging from my bed this morning. I woke up at 6 a.m. and was unable to get back to sleep so made myself a cup of tea and some toast with jam, grabbed my laptop and headed back up to bed. The number one "young man" of the house (favorite son and only son) presented me with a nifty lap table on my last birthday for just the purpose of writing in bed ... so here I sit, blogging away in the half light of morning with two dogs strewn across my feet. What more could anyone ask for?

this rather askew-seeming photograph below was taken at this angle for a purpose, and that is to show you, my dear fellow bloggers and blog visitors my new accent wall.

this weekend I took on the very daunting task of painting an accent wall in my dining nook. The painting part was not the daunting part ... although I must admit to my embarrassment, I absolutely despise prep-work ... I much prefer just opening the can of paint, rolling it on fast and furiously and getting it overwith so I can stand back and admire my handywork... but, this time, I did things right. I taped off the woodwork and adjoining walls with blue tape and even spackled the multitude of nail holes behind the big mirror... so ... that's not the daunting part. What's really really daunting is the choosing of paint colors!

I really liked it when the illustrious KMart had that great line of Martha S paints that all were in the same color family or appropriate contrast on the artist's color-wheel and matched up perfectly. KMart has since closed in our area ... well, I think you must go to the big city to find them now and my little corner of the universe is too backwoods for them, if you can imagine anywhere being to backwoods for KMart! So, I was left to my own devices. Lucky for me, and I don't come by luck easily, I'd managed to remember the name of the Dutchboy brand of paint I'd used in the kitchen! Hooray! So I merely found a chip and laid it against about 5 zillion other chips and agonized for about an hour and finally came up with a dark olive.

I'm very happy with the result and took a photograph for posterity ... although I usually change my wall colors every year out of sheer bordom, much to my husband's chagrin, poor man! And probably next year, I'll have had enough of accent walls and this one will too go by the wayside in a splash of inspiration. But, for now ... it's rather pretty ... sort of moody as the art critiques are so fond of saying, and despite the fact that I suffered a crick in my upper back and right shoulder due to this project, I decided to forge onward...that I must also have an accent wall in the living room and in one day, prepped and painted an additional, much longer wall and must say, it looks overall pretty neat!

In the midst of my painting fury, with furniture pulled out this way and that and paint pans and brushes atop tables in the midst of spread out newspaper here and there and the 6-foot step ladder being dragged throughout the house, I took a break and at this moment, I can't remember just why I needed to leave the house on said break, but I did. I ended up having to take the "young man's" car ... and what a mess it was let alone on empty! Being a good mother and somewhat over indulgent mother and probably a really verging on bad mother, I filled up his tank and ran his car through the car wash ... yes, he thanked me. But, what I was going to say was, while I was out and about taking my paint break I actually decided to run through the McD's drivethrough and get myself a cup of coffee, having heard that they do a pretty good java. Guess what? It was one of the best cups of coffee I've had in years! And, they put the cream in for me (well, how nice of them!) ... AND ... it cost a whole heck of alot less than Starbucks! Now ... it wasn't a Latte ... granted ... it was merely a regular cupa joe with some half and half added. But, it was rich and hot and ... well, just thought I'd mention a good thing.

Today I am still on the painting spree (or will be when I get out of this bed anyway) and will probably finish off my entryway, which is a sweet little place with a domed ceiling. Now, that sounds really fantastic doesn't it? But, my entryway is about big enough for an ant family to enter and turn around twice in because I live in an 80 year old Sears and Roebuck kit house. Cute, but just a tad... impractical. Impractical by today's standards because our furniture is so big! How do we get the big furniture of the 90's onward into a little dinky house built for the mini-people of the 50's?

You know what the only problem with writing in bed is? The mouse keeps sliding off the pad ... either that, or the pad gets bent up like a fortune cookie and the mouse is only able to get its signal out via the wormhole effect... thus the curser is flying all over the darn page!

Okay... that being said... I think its time for another cup of tea. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 3, 2007

in the garden

yesterday, according to the weather folks, was the last of the hot weather for awhile, for which I am truly thankful. It seems we've had (and here I refer to the Pacific Northwest) an ongoing heatwave since April, which is so unusual for this part of the world as far as how long its lasted and how hot its gotten, (and I shutter to think this is only the beginning of what we'll experience with global warming) ... and I have yearned for a few rainy days for quiet and contemplation. I did spend a moment to walk in the garden yesterday morning and enjoy the flowers I so rarely seem to have the time to care for as I used to!

I love the color of this particular hydrangea, as I have two whites and one purple and this one is sort of sky blue. It must be pleased with its location next to the house because it puts out armloads of plump mopheads each year and they stay long into the fall and turn to a fabulous cobalt just before their season ends. This one doesn't require much from me, and I just love plants that are self-reliant!

these little Loosestrife are one of my favorite flowers of all time (yes, I have so many all time favorites!), with the sweetest little curling fronds; of course they are extremely hardy (that makes me happy!) and despite the fact that they often get mowed down by the now "young man" ... they pop up again and again to look as cute as ever! Unlike me ... who doesn't pop up quite so fast after a good mowing, I'm afraid.

this morning the rain is falling softly, at last, and outside my door the sweetest scent fills the air and my head; fresh with the fragrance of damp earth and growing things. even the fairies give thanks for the rain as caring for the local flora has been quite a task with little water other than that from the sprinkler. I can see their wings sparkling in the shadows as they flit about from leaf to leaf ... okay ... maybe I imagined it. But ... perhaps I didn't!
i wanted to say thank you to all of you who commented so positively on my jewelry and said such kind things about poor Flora who fell and hurt herself ... although I think I was hurt much more than she! I truly appreciate your words and humor! And thanks, too, for stopping by to visit and check out my daily wanderings. I love to check in on all of you as well and sip my tea with you and laugh at your wonderful stories, reflect with you thoughtfully and gaze in awe at your amazing, artful creations!
I've become aware that there are so many other women out there, like me, who are attempting to express themselves artfully, whether they are mothers, executives, pilots, scientists, housekeepers or homemakers ... whatever ... no matter who they seem to be walking in the world, it is obvious to me they are doing the deep work, nurturing the soul, and coming face to face with that creative spark, and thankfully... letting it shine! How excellent!
Have a wonderous day!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

art for a little more than arts sake

Someone To Watch Over You

Let It Go

Make Peace

Be Happy

in a rather serious mood today ... what's up with that? it's another gorgeous day here in the northwest and i've spent the morning working in my studio since, oh, say 8 a.m.? I love doing that ... the time there is heavenly, despite my organizational disasters... however, this morning I was not making jewelry but rather working on a memorial of sorts, for a beloved animal I lost last November. Yeah, long time ago really, one might think if they've never loved an animal, but truth is, whether they be feathers, fur or flesh..they are just containers for love. I thought collage art would be a great way for me to express my heart about the matter. I've written about it, talked about it, cried about it ... here I "draw and paint" about it. My first try at collage art ... sort of funky and amature but the fun working with glue and paint is always worth the mess and worry that it's never good enough! You who have stopped by to visit me are so lucky! You get to be the first to see it. My ode to Arwen.

Have a lovely day!