Thursday, September 27, 2007

wrap necklace is long on looks

today I played more with the idea of the claspless wrap necklace using two smokey quartz pendants and a handful of faceted crystals with a Sterling chain. Note the same necklace below antiqued ...meaning it has an oxidized silver chain (more liver of sulpher)...

and look! (shhhh!) A real live model! Don't let the others hear or they'll be so terribly nervous about their jobs.

exciting news...I just sent off my check for a vendor booth at the Portland Fashion Week event ( I'm just a little nervous, however, since the event is 6 days long and I will be doing most of it on my own! Okay ... more than a little nervous ... how about a lot nervous!

but I know that the best way to undertake such things is to greet them head on with a smile... so ... I have three weeks to prepare!

pictured below is the Aphrodite Goddess Necklace, combining blue lace agate hearts, faceted crystal quartz and Sterling silver... modeled here by the lovely Claire...

i am still toying with the 7 "things" ... since I was tagged. But afterwards, I may be forced to close up shop for a couple of weeks while I prepare for my big show.

have a fabulous Thursday!



florida flamingo said...

Lora Belle,
News of Silver has just reached the fellowship of scribes. I'm so sorry. Your eulogy makes me wish you are present at my demise. Your writing is so gifted. Gato too has been very sick. 9 days he went without any food, every breath almost his last, and then when we thought we would never see him again, he recovered. Suffering makes me more compassionate to your sorrow right now.
Your friends miss you Lora. Be comforted about Silver.

yours truly said...

Hi Sheila!

So glad to hear Gato's better! And please don't talk about your demise, ever! I miss you, too ... all of you. It was such a treat to see your note. Of course, I'll always be a scribe first. Thanks for sending comforts. I bundle them upon my heart, dear friend.