Wednesday, September 19, 2007

if a sick person should drink chicken soup

what does one give a sick chicken?

based on that, you may have guessed where I am going with this. I've endured more than a month of human and animal ailments and finally, yesterday, I found my rooster flattened in the dirt in his yard and unable to stand. I brought him in last night and let him sleep in a basket on the table. Today, I've searched the "chicken" chat rooms and tried to find what might be ailing my poor dear Silver.

i called the vet, who is willing to check him out but can't see him until Thursday, in the meantime, I've bathed him in epsom salts, de-mited him (if de-mited isn't a word, it should be), poured oil of camphor on his legs as the scales look very red and raised, and tried my best to get him to take water by dampening a paper towel and drizzling it down his throat.

he's quiet now, sleeping deeply in his basket on the table while I type away. I've been forced to leave the parrots locked in their cage today for fear they might either pick up a stray poultry mite or some weird virus, if that's what he's got.

if anyone knows anything about such things, I would very much appreciate any information, including hearsay and old wives tales, you might remember from conversations on the porch with your long-lost farmer uncle, neighbor, granny or grandpa.

in the meantime, i'm here, nursemaid to a sick chicken. Prayers for wellness are most welcome.

thank you,

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