Thursday, September 20, 2007

Silverado Kelly 3/01/2002 - 9/20/2007 RIP

Vigilant guardian of the garden, stalwart protector of the family, brave comrade, beloved friend. We will miss you!

He calls the sun to lay it's rays upon the grass
so he can walk
for him distant hills glow gold
he crows just to separate this moment from the last
despite the sleeping, he is prone to crow
which is why cups fly
or sometimes a stick or stones

He crows to give marching orders to the sleeping
to say the moon is done,
to say that it's the season
he crows to seize the day, because he's pleased
but also crows when he is not, or
for no apparent reason

He bosses the song birds, the speckled hen
three saintly dogs and one gray cat all day
then rests politely at the threshold of the kitchen floor
speaks my name just inside the open door
begs for grapes and Irish bisquits from my hand
pretends to hate red toenails
and bites them when he can

He clucks hen-like and watches me with amber eyes
stops to pluck a thread and stretch a wing
settles on the rug to watch me cook
inspects the dog water for things
Sometimes he's only lonely for a friend
and comes to chat, while I talk
his head topples while he naps

He takes a dust bath in the roses on sunny days
and crows when he hears my car coming down the lane
when the hawks throw dark shadows on the beds
only then he squawks alarmed and runs full out
then struts to hide what looks the same as shame
And deep he knows I know what he's about

He crows when its time for bed
meanders like the shadows cross the lawn
he calls before he gets his last kiss
then struts to show he's not that gone
but let's me lift him in my arms
and carry him to roost
and all is finally quiet
until dawn.


LW said...
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Priscilla said...

Oh, poor Silver.

But mostly, poor Lora.

Beautiful poetry.

yours truly said...

I've missed you all, Priscilla, and haven't checked in for awhile so not much up on the doings of the scribes. Hope you are all writing still. Working on your novels and such, all happy, all good. Thanks for the kind words about my old friend. It was a sad few days while he faded. So glad I had a chance to spend it loving him. How nice to hear from you!

Best wishes, kindred spirit!

Min said...

Oh Lora, I'm so sorry about Silver. I know how much you loved him. Silver stories are always so much fun. He was a true character if there ever was one!

I lost my Murphy in August after 15 years. One of the hardest days of my life.

Take care, and thanks for checking in on us. It made us all really happy to see your note and know that you think of us.


yours truly said...

Min! Wow, it's just like old home week! Sometimes it takes a death to bring people together. Even the death of a chicken! So sorry about Murphy, your poor heart ... gosh the years have flown since our first class. So much has changed. I think of you often and was so happy to see you think of me.

Take care, old friend!