Saturday, September 15, 2007

adventures in artistic-ness?.... whatever!

recently, you may remember, I played with collage art ... "played" being the key word here! Stones being my medium of choice! But I really had fun creating this little fairy girl with her cool boots and bull dog. Fall's my favorite time of year and so it is nearly impossible for me to make leaves green! The pages were pulled from some old 50's children's book. I hate to ruin a perfectly good children's book and thought later ... why didn't I just copy the pages and antique them! Duh! Oh well, we live and learn..... nevertheless ... I think she turned out sort of cute. Another blue fairy.

A beloved friend of mine dropped by the other day with a dreary face ... she was bearing an envelope containing a necklace I made for her several years ago that finally "took a dive" her words ... meaning ... the beading wire broke. 5 years is a good go, in the wear and tear world of favorite jewelry, especially when you wear it riding horses! Well, duh! Can it be saved? Of course!

As I reworked her piece and walked down memory lane, I realized I had another shell just like hers... I found them years ago on one of my writer's retreats to the ocean! (little good that did, you're thinking! I speak of the writer's retreat here) ... anyway, I drilled it and created something new like something old (oops wait, I have a parrot hanging down from my bangs and pulling an eye lash .... ooh.... arghhhh .... sheesh!)

Okay .... now then ... where were we?

i'm not sure what sort of creature this shell came from .... so anyone who knows ... I'd love to hear. The little pinkish beads are antique trade beads, the silvery-white beads are mercury glass from Japan along with Sterling balls, and the green is, of course, lovely Aventurine ... the Gamber's Stone, a stone attracting luck and good fortune to it's keeper. It corresponds with the heart chakra, unconditional love and health. Plus ... it's so pretty! Translucent spring green.

very delicate and beautiful ... but chunky enough to make a statement, too...

I decided to go with a non-symetrical piece which can be worn with the shell dead-center or not. The shell can also be turned so one can either admire the sculpted back or front with the shell-opening. The Sterling silver clasp is a really plain, simple toggle, so as not to deter from the elegant beauty.
that's it for today's entry. In case you hadn't noticed, Mrs. E wrote my entry yesterday, since I'd already used all my alotted 10,000 words having spent two weeks of visiting with family. I'm currently reconfiguring a few brain cells. Anyway, I haven't read it yet, but she assures me it was fabulous.
Of course, cat's tend to think everything they do is fabulous. (shhh! Please don't tell her I said that!)
hope your weekend's great!


Debbie said...

Love your blogs! Your fairy girl is cute! I am also working on an altered art first....maybe I'll put pictures on my Cozy Cottage blog when I'm finished. Anyway, thanks for dropping by my 2wice upon a time blog...come back and visit me again soon!

yours truly said...

So glad you dropped by, Debbie. I would love to see your altered art, so will certainly stop in to see it!