Thursday, September 6, 2007

in case you're wondering where I am

perhaps you think i found a spot of quiet time among all my animal and husband and child ailments over the last month, and I must say that would be nice. However, not exactly true. The Irishman is in Ireland ... so ... one down. The animals are all feeling fine, including the birds who've finally adjusted to their upstairs retreat. But ... now company's in town... actually company's in the computer room cum spare bedroom (sans birds and confetti) ... so the house isn't exactly a quiet oasis!

in otherwords, I am somewhat out of commission for another week or so. Thank you for visiting and reading and commenting... I so love to hear from you.

Until next Friday ... or something like that.... the shop's always open so feel free to stop in and look around and read and browse, eat chocolate and try on some of the jewelry.

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