Friday, September 14, 2007

one cat's take on things

one day, while sitting in my red chair ... I heard a little sound.....

I turned around .... and there... near the trees (on my deck) ... was a giant squirrel (too many McVitties Irish Biscuits, no doubt)

She was licking her foot and showing her bare ankles! Paying no heed to me at all.

I swear she challenged me to chase her! Insanity? A death sentence! Was she mad?

I glanced in her direction and yawned. She was so lucky I wasn't hungry. And no, I didn't chase her.

The reason being? Well, of course, the whole thing was merely a dream, silly. There's no such thing as giant squirrels, is there ... are there? Whatever!

Have a mice day.

Ms. E.

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