Saturday, September 22, 2007

shiny new things

yesterday's "pretty thing" is a bracelet composed of watery-blue, faceted chalcedony (pronounced: chal-sid'-uny) combined with polished, striated, sky-colored chunks of blue-lace agate, tiny freshwater pearls and a gorgeous Bali silver ball. The silver toggle clasp is finished off with a shiny, Sterling fish dangle, the ancient sign of wisdom in global mythology. Christianity was formed during the "age" of Pisces (an age is 2,100 years, the amount of time it takes the solar system to pass through each sign of the zodiac). Pisces is, of course, the astrological sign of the fish, and the 12th sign of the zodiac, and is the Christian sign for the Christ (Jesus, specifically). It seems the great journey of the silvery salmon, returning to the very stream he was born in, to breed, spawn and die, only to begin the cycle again, has touched mankind as an analogy of our journey since the dawn of time (or at least the dawn of story telling). Thus this beautiful bracelet is steeped in meaning. This piece is being shipped off to Anne in Reno, brimming with healing energy! Welcome to the dawning of the "New" Age of Aquarius! Around 2013 we'll be full swing in the cycle.

the healing qualities of this particular combination of gentle blue stones aids in release of anger and melancholy through creativity, rather than destructive means. Both stones align with the throat chakra,enabling pent up emotions caused by childhood traumas and frustration to flow free of the body and auric field via the pursuit of heart-felt desires, freeing up energy in order to move in a positive direction ...forward towards one's dreams ...without causing harm. To free the flow of energy so that the wearer can utilize their creative spirit to the fullest.

Jewelry for the "Handfast" Ceremony

i've wanted to create a line of jewelry for Handfasting, that ancient Celtic rite of a new couple to join in "handfast" (a trial marraige) for one year before deciding if they are truly "marraige material" ... at the end of that time, the couple then decides to stay or go their own separate ways.

The design of the necklace encompasses the use of two separate strands of turquoise coming together into one silver heart and sifting down as two separates, side-by-side, intertwined. The crystals indicate the alchemy or "refining" process, as the two eventually become one very beautiful, multi-faceted "gem" indicating their joined fates. My last handfast necklace, "Promised" (shown in the August 21st post) was shipped off to Ireland to Bridgit. This one, which I've merely called "Handfast" will be posted on the website this weekend.

As far as the healing qualities of the necklace; the combination of turquoise and aventurine bring much strength to the wearer in terms of being honest with themselves and their true love, so necessary in a new relationship. Turquoise coincides with the throat chalkra enabling the wearer to find and use their authentic voice, to speak their truth. I used green turquoise because green is the color of the heart chakra, my hope being that the wearer will speak from the heart. Aventurine is a stone of fate, luck and good fortune, sharing the same vibrational qualities as the "low-heart" it calls one to step up to the plate, take risks, trust and have faith. It has been known as The Gambler's Stone throughout the ages for it's quality of drawing "good luck" to it's keeper. What new couple doesn't need a bit of luck in this day and age?

i used 20 guage Sterling silver to create the clasp, which is wire-wrapped and hand-forged. I also used just a touch of Austrian crystal for some glitter and bling!

I hope to create some simple, beautiful earrings to go with this piece for a truly elegant pairing ... and the accompanying positive vibes! Check out the website this weekend to see what else is new!



In her own Voice said...

Beautiful work, Lora. Love the blue "healing" bracelet...and the concept of the celtic handfasting ceremony has always felt magical and mystical to me.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with me--life is full of change, and the times, they are a'changing too...

blessed be

In her own Voice said...

oh, and so sorry about your silver rooster...

yours truly said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks so much for stopping by, for your kind words, etc. I, too, love the magic of handfasting. The ritual and ceremony involved is empowering and mysterious.

Always love your visits!

Blessed be to you, as well!

LW said...

I am so sorry about Silver, it's so very sad.
Most people just don't understand what
a great pet the chicken is, I do for I had two
many years ago during my teenage years.
dum dum and yum yum named by brother,
he liked to tease me about my pets.
I had Japanese silkies, just little
white puffs of fun....


Bee Skelton said...

As you know I love your work and Blog and think people would be interested to know more about you. So I have tagged you. Visit my blog at to find out more.

Tracy said...

Beautiful treasures Lora :) Thank-you for your comment about my cake !
So sorry to read about your dear Silver. Any animal passing on is always sad but you have the wonderful memories to keep in your soul forever :)
Enjoyed the Postsecret site, I've put both on my blog ( yours and PS ).
Oh, I really like the way you write, very visual. Alas my writing skills are 'blech' but I try to make up for it in other ways.
Take care Lora, Tracy :)

yours truly said...

Gahh! Tagged again! Bee ... you are the sneaky one! Okay ... I'll check in and get the scoop at your blog. I think I'm running out of interesting facts about myself! Okay if I make some up? :)

yours truly said...

Hi Tracy ... so glad you came over! Oh ... I really do know the frosting on your cake was green, not pink. And even though I say I love pink frosting ... I'll eat any kind of frosting because I think it's my second favorite food in the world! I loved your blog's slide show! Very cool! I may have to do my own! Please come again!


yours truly said...

Hi Louise!

Thanks so much for coming by and for understanding! Aren't chickens so sweet! Silver was really my rooster, as he wasn't particularly friendly towards anyone else, but with me he was like a little dog! I do miss him. Oh ... I love silkies and the names were perfect. When I went to get my chickens, I wanted two hens for pets and eggs. The rooster was an accident! An unwanted child. But we made the best of it. So glad I did!