Sunday, September 16, 2007

movie magic is still possible.... and other things

guess what? last night I had a date! ... with my teenage son. We went to see the movie "Stardust" ... he'd already seen it with his friends and so was in the know, but wanted to make sure I was able to see it first on the big screen. How dear of him ... despite the fact that I paid!

my critique? Honestly? .... the movie was fabulous and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves whimsy, action, love stories, fantasy and cinemagraphic magic! Filled with unlikely heroes, princesses, wicked witches, humor, fine acting ... it also had a wonderful fairytale story line. And the cinematography and special effects are worth dropping $9 at the matinee ... (okay ... $50 with popcorn and a soda). If you get a chance, it's truly excellent and a must see. Please don't wait until it comes out on video, unless you have a home theater.

my weekend also consisted of a visit to the dogpound (humane society) which left me feeling a little unsteady, despite my original desire to go kiss a few noses and cuddle some puppies and kittens in hopes of sharing some love and nurturing with our society's silenced throwbacks. Despite the intense sadness it brings, I realize that everyone should make a point of visiting their local dogpound several times a year. Perhap coming face to face with our use it, abuse it and lose it society, a few eyes and hearts may be opened in the process. Just an idea. I cover my own experience in more detail in my other blog if you are interested.

today, Sunday, I plan to relax with a great cup of Barry's Irish tea and partake in one of my favorite Sunday morning activities... visiting Join me?

have a fabulous rest of the weekend!


LW said...

I must go see this, I was going to wait, but I see it's on your list.

Have your read the "Golden Compass"?
The movie will be coming out in Dec. I hope it's as good as the book.


yours truly said...

Hi Louise,

Yes! You must go see it! I think you'll really like it. It whisked me away to dreamland ... that's the kind of movie I love!

As to the Golden Compass, haven't read it ... is that the one with the polar bear? I must go look it up on Amazon right now!

Thanks so much for the visit!

Heli said...

Thanks for the visit on my blog and for the nice comment!

And enjoyable movie nights :)


yours truly said...

Heli, How nice of you to drop in! I love your wonderful little animals and paintings, etc. Really sweet! I hope you like the movie!