Wednesday, June 13, 2007

much ado about gas grills and other sordid tales

Well, friends, since my last post, so much has happened I can't begin to recount the lot of it, therefore I will merely pick up where I left off and that, I believe, was having found my earring and being duly elated. This prompted me to purchase a large bag of very small and insignificant seeming rubber tips to slide on the backs of all LoraKellyDesigns earrings, so that none of my good customers ever have the same harrowing experience of losing a perfectly beloved earring. So.... it seems in the case of the lost and found earring, experience taught a valuable lesson.

Following that particular incident, I also co-purchased a very first gas grill and also co-put said-grill together after much cursing and gnashing of teeth (on the part of the "co" part... as you may have imagined) and eventually cooked for the first time on said-grill (as in "I" cooked on said-grill and "co" part watched from window between "innings" being baseball season as you probably know... because, as you will recall, we have no door cut in yet). Are you still with me?

The fact that my only previous grilling experience included a small two burner hibachi that was truly not much of a comparison, considering it required I squat while cooking. Later I had the good sense to move it to a table where at least I was able to stretch my legs (the hibachi, not the grill, in case I've already confused you). The hibachi experience was twenty years ago and my legs were still quite able to bend easily and noislessly into a squat sposition for lengthy periods without getting stuck in place .... so it was no big deal, really.

Let me also note here... the putting together of said-gas grill by the co-part and the me-part required two moderately intelligent people (not so far a stretch) with complete use of all moving parts, limbs, digits, etc... the ability to lift heavy objects without dropping them on feet or through deck floor, a power screwdriver and drill lest arms twist out of sockets within the first 5 minutes, the ability to read abstract instructions that only make sense three pages later (as in ... ohhhh ... that's what that was... oopsie....), good ability to "visualize" ... so a student of the New Age would be well equipt in that sense, and about two and a half hours of spare time. Keep this in mind should you decide you too must have the experience of cooking on a newfangled gas grill. Or ... go to Home Depot where... I've since learned... they will assemble it for you. Thank you very much!

Note: The end result of all that (being the meal) was worth every minute, I think, of blood, sweat and tears. Our grilled 8pm dinner was heavenly. Three glasses of wine and one magnificently balmy evening later, at least, that's how I remember it.

Thanks for listening... lora

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