Friday, June 29, 2007

On the homefront

The Deck!

Its Friday! Two weeks have flown by and I've had little chance, or haven't found a spare moment at least, to sit down and write about it all. Finally.... here's what's been happening:

On the homefront, the deck and door are completed, hooray! Except for some sanding and painting around the door, and on the in-side ... still trying to marry sheet rock to old lath and plaster which isn't turning out as nicely as I'd hoped (wish we'd hired a carpenter but best keep mouth shut about that!) ... a little paint and molding might neaten things up nicely, however... I am hopeful, that is.

Here's our fluffy little Eskie Mr. E ... admiring the fancy new umbrella but wondering why his mother is photographing this strange inanimate object .... in other words, why not him!

The "man-child" with his new 80's rocker style is out of school for the moment ... busying himself with bothering me immensely these days. You'd think at 16 this wouldn't be the case. Other mothers out there will nod vigorously with me when I say .... It doesn't seem to ever end no matter what age they are! We are, in fact, mother's 'til we die! And all that goes with it. Which is worrying ourselves sick, most of the time!

Luckily, the birthday will arrive with the old Toyota insured and keys passed over. (He can hardly wait!) He's been mowing lawns and attempting t be as responsible as an almost 17 year old can be when desiring his freedom!

The Red Chair!

Here's more of deck ... which I am obviously very excited about! It has been quite an event! Shopping for furniture took me to World Market ... aren't they great? I've been drooling over their cute little adirondack chairs for weeks ... waiting to complete the deck! Here it is! Perfect!

The story was a bit more in depth, however, as I went to WM with all intents to purchase the darkish blue chair, but they were out. So I thought, the lime green was awfully cute, so I lugged out two boxes ... actually two teenage boys lugged out two boxes and an umbrella for me ... and when we got home, opened them and found the lime green chair was actually red. Okay, I like the red chair, I decided. But the box with the little foot stool which also said "green" ... turns out ... it was actually green. So now I had a red chair and a green foot stool. I thought, it is cute. But ...not exactly the look I'm going for.

I sent the boys on a mission to return the stool. They came back saying the store was out and I'd have to go back tomorrow. Hmmm ... do you mean to say you got so caught up looking at guitars and skateboards you forgot to return the stool. Ummmm ... yeah.

Two days later, I returned to the store and got my red stool. Isn't it nice? Mrs. E ... lying on the mat here, and in fact unable to remove herself from the deck since the day it went up, and which she considers her very own tree house, thinks it is nice as well. So glad she approves.

Believe it or not ... the web site is still not done. I approved a proof yesterday, and now am having second thoughts. You know how that is! Little things that stand out in my mind that just don't feel right? The project has been expensive and I really want to love it! I'm hoping I do. I'm really having close to a nervous breakdown about the whole thing! I will let you now when it is finally complete! Hopefully ... it will be wonderful! The biggest problem is my photography, which leaves much to be desired. I may have to take a class to gain some ability there. So, I go on chewing my fingernails and hoping it turns out to my satisfaction.

Potted Plants!

I've been having the most fun potting flowers for the deck ... since I love little pots of plants more than just about anything!

I had so much fun finding little miniture roses and setting their little roots free from those terrible teeny grocery store plastic pots where they've been wrapped with foil (the kind they sell as little gifts that usually die in a month from being indoors on the kitchen table!) ... now they are free! They stretch their little toes and seem so happy! Within one day they are blooming like crazed moon goddesses in their finest!

One very cheeky squirrel visits the deck quite frequently and likes to take the new buds off th roses and eat them in front of me. He doesn't really eat them, I realize, he just pulls them apart... chews a bit, spits it out and leaves a mess. Then he seems to look at me and say... well, what are you going to do about it? Let the fluff ball out? I'm afraid that's what he calls Mr E., unbeknownst to Mr. E, who would be very upset at being called a fluff ball. So we won't tell him. So, Mr. Squirrel, I just laugh in the face of rose destruction. Soon, I hope, he will get bored, and go back to stealing peanuts.


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