Wednesday, June 6, 2007

sewer line replaces 100 year old tree ... how nice

Is she still on her soap box? ahhh... sort of? ... well, she did go snoop into other people's business to see why they were chopping down their lovely pine trees. And this is what she found out ... she being me ... of course. We're not takin' 'em all down, ma'am (since when did I become a ma'am!) ... just the big ones, makin' room for the sewer line. Well ... isn't that nice... people certainly need to go poop... thank you very much. Mr. E, I said to my most annoying little white dog, in a whisper, you go right ahead and bark at the nice ... tree murderer!

see ... two lots over used to be a lovely two acrea site engulfed in a quiet little wood, roosted in by some crows an owl, a couple of woodpeckers and myriad little teeny birdies and lots and lots of frogs and garder snakes (very sweet little snakes who live on bugs, frogs and small rodents). A horse and a bantum chicken lived their once, too, but ... that's another story. but the old lady died ... as they have a habit of doing, darn them anyway ... and whoever she left her lovely land to sold it... because ... well ... that's what they do... and then that person, who didn't like owls and such, or didn't actually consider their existence being important ... because ... well... that's what THEY do ...decided to build 18 new homes and get rid of that godawful quiet little wood. Goodbye nightly frog serenade!

Now, since summer began, my house has been shaking and vibrating like armageddon all because said builder has had any number of bull dozers, steam rollers, diggers and shovers and mess makers and majorly oversized trucks of every make and color and obsession...over there turning what was once a little wooded ecosystem into a baren waste-land. But he didn't stop there ... no ... now he's got to tear up just a few more trees on other people's property because his 18 houses need sewer lines. The rest of us in this "used to be" rural neighborhood are on septic and ... we don't have a say in the matter because... well... that's progress. And in fact, we'll all probably be charged for the new sewer line running down our road.

Speaking of owls, there used to be a little wetland area down, past the $350K new houses in the other direction (we're being hemmed in I'm afraid) and across from the church where I walked my dogs at night and sat on a knoll to watch an owl hunt at dusk. If you've never seen such a thing, it is awesome... a word I don't use for fear my teenage man-child would think I was slipping. That owl no longer hunts there since they bull dozed the land and built a farm "feed" store. But he can no longer feed there.

She steps down now....

I made a very nice necklace yesterday with those lovely lumps of coral I found last week, amid all the shaking of rafters and clanging of dishes, and despite my teeth vibrating right out of my jaw, and the ungodly noise of saws and of mammoth trees falling around me ... yeah, exactly!

Thanks for listening, dear friends. I will make an attempt at more levity in days to come, in my usual manner when I've recovered all my teeth. We'll chat later....


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