Monday, June 4, 2007

miss lilly earn's her keep

I'm so enjoying working with my new model, the ever beautiful and talented, miss Lilly. Here she is modeling one of my new/old "vintage earth goddess" necklaces ... plenty of shiny objects to delight any raven or maven.
This necklace is actually on a 26 inch chain and hangs down to accentuate any cleavage one might have very nicely ... and no cleavage looks quite nice as well. Wait ... that didn't sound right. I meant ... well, nevermind. Anyway ... (I have plenty that I'd like to donate to a worthy cause should you know anyone.) ....
Now then, where were we? Oh ... Here, I wrapped it up snug at the base of her neck so I could get a good look at all the charms. I just love having someone else other than me to look at!
Lilly ... you are worth you're weight in gold, deary!
And of course, irreplaceable! ~ Later...... Lora

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