Friday, June 1, 2007

the end of another week and the terrible, awful, dreadful heatwave

this week has been unbearably hot and filled with terrible tasks. The kinds of things I don't really like to do. Like fiddle with bank accounts, filing, website stuff and paperwork. Unfortunately, it must be done but I would much rather dump it all in that $2 wicker basket I found at the thrift store and let the gods worry about it. I've found they don't like worrying about such things and so yours truly must bite the bullet and do the dirty work despite the sheer drudgery of it all.... sigh....

But, good news ...we're all going to the mall this evening, doesn't that sound fun? Buying clothes for the man-child who continues to outgrow everything at a terrible rate. I'm wondering if he has that incurable bone disease that causes people to grow and grow and grow and never stop growing until the day they die. I'm hoping that's not the case, because I'm counting on him leaving home in a year and buying his own clothes from that day forward and, should he have that disease, I don't think he'll like that too much. In fact, he probably wouldn't like that at all considering he doesn't like to spend his own money on necessities ... and will probably end up back in his room upstairs asking what's for dinner. It doesn't bare thinking about, does it?

I hope you noticed, I finally took a picture of myself that apparently does me improved justice, but I won't know until my sister has viewed it and given it her stamp of approval, of course. She didn't like the other one because it was just too serious, she said. I sort of liked the eyes up in the air thing because I thought it looked like I was thinking about what I would say next ... which is often the case. But since I just had my hair chopped off yesterday, I suppose it really was time and the new one is more up to date and the little blue glasses are a nice touch ... or are they? I don't really need the glasses to see, unless I'm working, in which case, I can't find the little wholes in the beads and its cause for endless bouts of foul cursing like a fishwife while the dogs cover their eyes and ears respectfully, and Elcifer the cat just winces.

At the bottom of the page you'll see a vintage photograph I found of a Goddess, Earth Mother ... Strange Person? Not really sure... but she is so lovely, and her jewelry and adornments are wonderful! I had to have her and thought she would be a wonderful addition to the family. She reminds me of Isadora Duncan! And she certainly signifies the first rule for all goddesses ... never ever compromise (or skimp) when it comes to accessorising! She looks as though she might go dancing about under the moonlight in her get-up! And who could resist the hair-do!

Well, I mustn't forget I'm very busy... there are forms to be filed out and multitudes of things I don't like to do, but must be done.

later... lora

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