Wednesday, June 6, 2007

more on the deck, Irishmen and .... ta Tuesdays!

despite the loosening of my teeth and other sundry bones and organs due to the (mutters under breath) tree slayers, I did manage to have a really nice evening because it was the illustrious ... pizza Tuesday at my house! That means.... We get to eat pizza on Tuesdays because it's 2 fer 1 day. About 3 o'clock in the after noon I get really excited because I realize I don't have to stop whatever I'm doing and make dinner! Because usually whatever I'm doing is always much more fun and interesting than cooking. It's the little things that make us smile, isn't it?

also, there's the little matter of ... the deck, which, as you can see ... there have been a few "setbacks" ... shall we say? and so, the rails are still not up but should be tonight... honest ... says the Irish husband. But, it's gorgeous, isn't it? That's my chair there ... where I sit to watch progress.
Oh, speaking of whom ... the poor thing ... he finally consented to go to the doctor because he's had this terrible, awful, dreadful coughing thing going on for weeks and it just won't stop and sometimes he can't even sleep and ... well that means that no one gets to sleep. So ... I made him an appointment with a very nice doctor (well, his receptionist seemed fairly nice, at the very least) in Tacoma who specializes in allergies ... because I'm thinking, he's got an allergy to concrete .... because the whole thing started when we laid the nice landing for the deck stairs to rest on. (it's really neat, by the way, in which ...I put a sweet little design using river rock ... oh, we're talking about the doctor aren't we?)

So ... anyway ... he (the poor love who faints at the sight of blood ... his own mind you) got poked and prodded with teeny needles on every freckle (and let me tell you, there's lots of them), because that's what those allergy people do, good thing I didn't warn him or he wouldn't have gone. AND .... drum roll please..... guess what he's allergic too!!!


My first reaction was: ... oopsie! My second reaction was: Gosh, sweetie, does that mean you have to move out?

Luckily he truly LOVES our brood and opted instead for the medication that he must take the rest of his life and which will probably destroy his liver in the long run, but ... that's life...

Pictures to come of neat concrete landing thingy!


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