Tuesday, June 5, 2007

my unsung hero of the day

today is a magnificent, true-blue, overcast, pacific northwest day. Just why do you think we have these holy rain forests anyway? (One good reason to appreciate the rain!) I say holy in the truest sense, becuause that's how I feel about forests, their canopies are the only cathedrals. I love trees ...silent, monstrous plant beings who luckily stay put or else step on our heads and squish us ... although they sometimes lean over to far to snif a flower, I suspect, and fall flat on their faces. Woe be to anyone or any house in their path on that day! Let us be reminded that trees are the lungs of the earth, lest we forget their importance to our very survival on this planet! I'm waxing poetic, aren't I. Somedays bring it out in me!

I suppose one might call me a tree hugger in that sense. Why the tree thing today? Well, because down the road from my house, they are taking down a magnificent, giant pine tree. Yesterday, they removed her limbs., leaving a stoic, staggering sight on the roadside! Today, they are taking her down all together. I say her, because perhaps she should've been named, like Luna. But I will not name her now, because she won't exist by the end of the day. I think I will go hug one of my own giant cedars in silent reverence and rememberence that in our world, nothing lasts forever. Sigh...

Although I love trees, I can't say that I've ever lived in a tree like the amazing young woman who lived in one for more than two years to protect it from being logged off the face of the earth forever. An unsung hero in my book! How difficult it must've been to use a mere bucket for those "certain bodily functions." And what about water? One thing, she could peek into the nests of birds and see the little peepers! That would be fun. The rest though? It doesn't bare thinking! So ... before I go off to work in the shack and make beautiful things for women who don't currently live in trees, I've decided to add a new element to my blog. Unsung heroes. So, if you can think of any goddess heroes of the earth ... I'm not talking war heroes here, but peace heroes. I'd love to hear about them. Today, mine is ... Julia Hill. Her book is, The Story of Luna. The Legacy of a Tree. The beautiful Luna is a thousand year old redwood in Humboldt County that still stands for the rest of us to admire and be astounded by, all because of Julia. I love you, Julia, wherever you are. Bless you!

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