Thursday, June 7, 2007

on flower pots, an amethyst earring, a cold day and a full bladder

Now that the deck is done, sans a door to get out onto it, soon to come ... I decided to go purchase some gorgeous pots to plant flowers in to set out on said deck.

SO ... I went to the lovely Clear Creek Nursery in Silverdale that has grown so much in the last several years I walked around in a daze, took numerous wrong turns, and finally was retrieved by a very nice person who asked me if I was lost. Yes. Totally. But not in a bad way. Just ... you see....She raised an eyebrow and said, follow me. Problem was, she only knew where the cash register was. What I needed was the parking lot.... fast ... please!

Here's why I ended up not buying one single thing because ...for one... it was too cold. Yes ... freezing in fact ... after the heat wave from the previous week the temperature had plummeted to something like ... 50 degrees! That's Washington, however. Have you ever tried to shop in your shirtsleeves in 50 degrees? Not fun.

So, I'm freezing to death, AND, here's the bigger and more important reason why I didn't buy one single thing, I have a powerful need to relieve my bladder in a bad way ... sorry, I suppose I could've said go to the loo in Irish fashion, but ... you, my friends, might not understand the whole loo thing ... so best I just explain the biological function. AND on top of all that, I was lost in a maze of flowering trees and statuary and pots and row upon row of bedding plants and ... just get me out of here ... I prayed silently... nearest exit, please... I cajoled ... sortie!....and I promise I will never again eat peanut M&M's on the first day of my diet and then just throw in the towel because I've ruined it after all so why even try! That's about when the "angel" showed up and led me to my car, in a round about fashion, after an embarrassing moment at the cash register when I didn't have anything to buy.

Now that I really think about that promise ... dang! Anyway...

I sped home and felt much better in no time, except ...when I looked in the mirror and realized ONE OF MY EARRINGS WAS GONE! My most favorite earrings in the whole world and ONE OF THEM WAS GONE! Somehow, in the midst of getting a Starbucks, shuffling in and out of my seat belt, walking through the parking lot, wandering in a daze among the annuals, driving home like a madwoman etc., etc., ... I LOST MY MOST FAVORITE EARRING IN THE WORLD!

The Irishman rolled his eyes up to heaven and said, that's not a good sign. Now, just what was THAT supposed to mean? Are you insinuating.... he hands me the phone at that moment, just before I get myself into trouble, grabs the phone book, flips the pages, and all but dials the nursery for me ... they've probably found it. Who'd find that delicate, dear, helpless little earring in the midst of billowing perennials ... and gardener types mucking about in their big ol' mud-logged wellies? Are you kidding? I sobbed... But a rather nice lady answered the phone just then ... Loreli... was her name. Hi Loreli, ummm, my name's Lora, well, I suppose that doesn't really matter... but ... the reason I'm calling is ...I was just there about an hour ago and I lost my... well... my earring and ... you'll probably never find it, this is probably very silly, I know I'm being an idiot, but I just thought in case someone does and ....

It's gorgeous, she says, I'm keeping it! I was stunned into silence ... whaaa? Then Loreli starts to laugh. Just kidding! Hello? Yes. I've got your earring. Someone found it in the parking lot. I'll have it at the desk for you.

Oh ... bless you. And your children. And your unborn grandchildren ... and their descendants for thousands of years to come and beyond. click.....

She's got it! I exclaimed, (one doesn't often get a chance to exclaim, do they) racing out the front door and jumping in the car again, shuffling in the seat belt, driving madly across town, shuffling out of the seat belt, sprinting across the earring swinging from my right ear, leaping through the front doors and up to the desk... where I stood quietly in line for 10 minutes while a very ancient man purchased ten English roses, checked each one thoroughly for bugs and rust spots, carefully wrote out a check, was told they no longer accepted personal checks, voided it, used his credit card, couldn't find his glasses, fiddled in every pocket of his bib overalls for said glasses, asked to fill out a credit account, did they have a pen, wondered if he could call his wife to get his social security number for said credit account, thought better of it, do they accept cash? ... laughed... told story about a time back in 1942 when he couldn't cash a 100 bill because back in those days ... it was more than a month's wages ... found said glasses on the top of his head... I peeked out around him during the 1942 story and waved my hand slightly and smiled brightly as if to say ... ahhh... I just have one teeny, tiny thing to ask?

Loreli looked at my good ear, immediately recognized it, and held out the matching earring. I just love these weighty glass earrings, she said, handing me my beloved. GLASS? ...Did she just say GLASS?

These, my dear, are not mere GLASS .. . they are semi-precious gemstones, mined from the earth, finely cut and polished! Amethyst! Lemon quartz! Need I say more? Honestly? I didn't say any of that. I just grinned from ear to ear, thanked her from the bottom of my heart, and left happy as any pig in mud.

Actually, it was at that point that I was very much ready to buy a blue glazed pot for the deck and in the perfect mood for spending money, having earlier, in my moment of panic when I'd decided my earring was gone forever, both relieved my bladder and donned a sweater. But ... in the rush from there to here ...I'd forgotten my wallet at home.

Wouldn't you know it.

Tomorrow ... being another day.


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