Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy New Year!

how quickly Christmas passed ... although technically, the 12 days only began on the 25th. Still, it seems the years are racing by us now. And the shops are decorating for Christmas in September! Hey! What about Halloween! Thanksgiving! ... I must've missed those displays in the summer... I'm sure you know of what I speak!

i'm still wrestling with that nasty cough I cought earlier in the month, but feeling a bit of relief so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just barely. But, seeing the end is half the battle. Feeling tired... exhausted actually. Still, the thought of a new year gives me hope. And isn't that the golden fruit? Afterall?

i am hopefull... and I pray that all of you have just a little hope for a most stellar year. I've made some resolutions, despite the fact that most of my previous resolutions have been broken before the years have ended. I was amazed by the fact that I actually stuck to some of last year's, and so this year I am committed to commit! (So, who doesn't PLAN to commit to their resolutions) I hear you thinking....

well, you're right of course. I'll give it a good go, let's put it that way! Since I have a few days to pinpoint my plans for the new year, I can turn them over a few times in my mind's eye and make sure they will provide some sort of return worthy of a commitment, or at least, give my life some umph! I hope (plan) to post my resolutions here for curious eyes ... but mostly so I can say, I said I'd do it, and you witnessed my saying it, so I can't pretend I didn't intend to do it ... you get my point. perhaps...just perhaps... that will help me to stick to my resolutions with even more resolve and focus.

i wish you all an uncommonly blessed season and hope you too have a floating hope in your hearts for a fabulous future beginning in 2008!



Anonymous said...

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In her own Voice said...

Hi Lora,

It's an "uncommonly blessed season" that I seek for the upcoming year, so thanks for coining the phrase and projecting out to us here in bloggerland's cyberspace!

I appreciate your visits to my space. It's nice to know sometimes someone reads my mental/emotional wanderings! I hope your efforts in the past year have been well rewarded and that the upcoming one will be even more prosperous and pleasant!


yours truly said...

Thanks so much Linda! How lovely to see your post. I wish for you a very prosperous, love-filled year with plenty of magic and surprise to keep it interesting!

Best wishes,