Friday, December 21, 2007

Solstice! only 5 more days to go

i'm sitting at my desk today, the house all decorated and a sparkling coat of frost on the trees and lawn, and instead of feeling grateful, I am feeling, well, short changed... why me and woe is me?... coughing like a dog ... sick as a dog, in fact ... and I have to wonder ... where does that come from? I mean ..."Like a dog?" when referring to sickness and laziness and smelliness ... (dogs always seem to get a bad rap when it comes to all the ills of humanity... dogs and pigs that is, I think) anyway, ingrate that I am, I am highly bothered that somewhere along the way during these 12 merry days of Christmas I was unmerrily invaded by a microscopic bug that settled into my bronchial tubes and caused much havoc among the natives. I've been trying to cough it all up for days and the result is extreme exhaustion and even some downright depression. So many things to do and no energy to do them!

today I will admit is the first day among many that I've felt the least bit of energy to sit at my desk and pound away at the keyboards. So I should be grateful. I even took the family mutts for a long walk, and as I trekked along behind them, huffing and puffing, I coughed my head off. Well, I do actually have my head now, but at the time, it seemed to be lagging behind somewhere and I wasn't too pushed either to go find it!

this afternoon, despite my desire to go to bed and dull my central nervous system with cough medicine laced with codene, I've been invited by my son to accompany him and his girlfriend to the mall for lunch and loafing. Considering 17 year old boys rarely want their mothers along for much of anything when they have girlfriends, I realized I should be grateful, and decided I must take him up on his offer and so, precious delirium will have to wait. Sigh.....

at the back of my mind a nagging thought triggers some guilt, i have many commissioned pieces this season and most are due by CHRISTMAS MORNING! I should be working. BUT... instead, this weekend will be a busy one frought with me bundled to the nines, fingerless gloves, mufflers and ear muffs while i hunker over my work table "creating" glittery things. It's so cold down there this time of year. I turn on the space heater and put it right up against me, practically, just inches from being a fire hazard (okay, so maybe it IS a fire hazard)... and then I try my best to achieve a state of comfort. This is necessary in order for creative juices to flow, otherwise, one's mind wanders to visions of hot cocoa and roaring fires and feather beds piled high with comforters and cozy socks ... you name it. Anything BUT creating. So... I suppose the point here is ... wish me luck?

Finally...i hope you are enjoying your 12 days to the fullest and that today, you are beside a warm fire place or in that feather bed with comforters piled high, or enjoying a cup of steaming cocoa while you listen to Vince Guaraldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" ... my most favorite Christmas music in the world!

in keeping with the theme of gratitude which is what this season is all about... I am very grateful to Charles Schultz AND Vince Guaraldi for creating wonderful memories for me. I can't quite get enough of that wonderful little animated film, A Charlie Brown Christmas ... and listening to the music reminds me of all those wonderful Peanuts characters I so love. Thank you, gentleman!

Blessings on this Solstice night and best wishes, friends,

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LW said...

Wishing you and your family A very Merry Christmas!!!!