Monday, August 20, 2007

the tagees

since I'm officially IT, now's the time for me to be tagging. I was hoping to find others who have never BEEN tagged, but it's very hard to figure that out searching through the blogs unless you read every post for the last 12 months ... very ... very time consuming! So I will do my best.

Once you are tagged, be sure to visit the sites of the other taggees, and check in with them ... say hi! See what they do, introduce yourself, that sort of thing, if you can ... obviously, we're all busy and this is supposed to be fun and informative! So, have fun with it. The OFFICIAL RULES are listed in the previous post ... down below this one. Okay?

Here's the lucky tagees:

Indigo Blah at

Caffeinated Crafts at

Simple Arts Planet at

A Ribbon Afficionado at

Okay ... so it's only four. I have three more to go. Not to worry ... I'll get there!

Now ... tagees ... be sure to look below for the official rules ... okay?

Have a wonderful Monday!


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