Friday, August 3, 2007

in the garden

yesterday, according to the weather folks, was the last of the hot weather for awhile, for which I am truly thankful. It seems we've had (and here I refer to the Pacific Northwest) an ongoing heatwave since April, which is so unusual for this part of the world as far as how long its lasted and how hot its gotten, (and I shutter to think this is only the beginning of what we'll experience with global warming) ... and I have yearned for a few rainy days for quiet and contemplation. I did spend a moment to walk in the garden yesterday morning and enjoy the flowers I so rarely seem to have the time to care for as I used to!

I love the color of this particular hydrangea, as I have two whites and one purple and this one is sort of sky blue. It must be pleased with its location next to the house because it puts out armloads of plump mopheads each year and they stay long into the fall and turn to a fabulous cobalt just before their season ends. This one doesn't require much from me, and I just love plants that are self-reliant!

these little Loosestrife are one of my favorite flowers of all time (yes, I have so many all time favorites!), with the sweetest little curling fronds; of course they are extremely hardy (that makes me happy!) and despite the fact that they often get mowed down by the now "young man" ... they pop up again and again to look as cute as ever! Unlike me ... who doesn't pop up quite so fast after a good mowing, I'm afraid.

this morning the rain is falling softly, at last, and outside my door the sweetest scent fills the air and my head; fresh with the fragrance of damp earth and growing things. even the fairies give thanks for the rain as caring for the local flora has been quite a task with little water other than that from the sprinkler. I can see their wings sparkling in the shadows as they flit about from leaf to leaf ... okay ... maybe I imagined it. But ... perhaps I didn't!
i wanted to say thank you to all of you who commented so positively on my jewelry and said such kind things about poor Flora who fell and hurt herself ... although I think I was hurt much more than she! I truly appreciate your words and humor! And thanks, too, for stopping by to visit and check out my daily wanderings. I love to check in on all of you as well and sip my tea with you and laugh at your wonderful stories, reflect with you thoughtfully and gaze in awe at your amazing, artful creations!
I've become aware that there are so many other women out there, like me, who are attempting to express themselves artfully, whether they are mothers, executives, pilots, scientists, housekeepers or homemakers ... whatever ... no matter who they seem to be walking in the world, it is obvious to me they are doing the deep work, nurturing the soul, and coming face to face with that creative spark, and thankfully... letting it shine! How excellent!
Have a wonderous day!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hello and thank you for your visit at Sunnyhuckle! My main blog is found at
I think every blogger but me has a hydrangea in bloom! I have 4 that need some food I think...

Becky said...

Hi Lora ~ my first time to your blog and it is a beauty! Love the hydrangea. I don't have a blue one like that, just pink, white and that faded green colour. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Oh, love your jewelry, too! Have a great weekend!! Becky

LW said...

Lovely pictures of your hydangea.
I am reading your blog with my second cup of coffee this morning...It's a nice way to spend a Sunday morning...


In her own Voice said...

You write beautifully, Lora, I love your site's colors and the blue hydrangea is breathtaking!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my bridge collapse commentary.

I'm working away at the task of trying to write daily, and, in addition, have added a new blog to my plate--called "finding your own voice". It will be about developing your own progressive voice through political personal growth! Got the first post up...

yours truly said...

Yes, hydrangea's are in right now aren't they? Blooming all over the place! I love them. I actually planted a pink awhile back but it gets too much sun and the soil is too sandy ... in other words ... not a good thing!

I so enjoy reading all your blogs! Love the broad spectrum of subjects your straight-forward political twist, Linda.

Everyone, thanks for visiting me.