Thursday, August 9, 2007

journey in stone

i have long considered starting another blog dedicated to the healing and regenerative power of stones, and that may be a future endeavor as another way of looking at gemstone jewelry for those of you who may be interested ... I'll keep you posted here as to whether I do. However, in the meantime I have decided to at least offer some of that type of information here since this site is dedicated to the inside view of the daily life of a jewelry maven. And stones are an integral part of my existence. Though I do prefer to keep this site light and humorous and not belabour you, my dear visitors, with the deeper aspects of my journey in stone.

that being said, I will give you a small history lesson. You may not be aware that the original purpose of jewelry was not for physical adornment! Imagine....

in ancient times, only rulers, holy people or healers wore "jewelry" or those who required healing or had somehow earned the right, or had the need to carry a particular stone, and thus entertain its qualities and influence. Stones were thus carried close to the body and secured. Ta Da... jewelry!

(I called the bracelet pictured above Love's Catch. Rose quartz is a translucent pink stone said to express an energetic vibration matching the high-heart's. It's gentle light draws and expounds upon unconditional love, kindness and nurturing. Flourite, the green stone, has been called The Relationship Stone, helping to balance and stabalize emotions, honor clear vision and decisions based on truth, rather than fogged by emotion.)

(Above is pictured a long, flapper style, wrap necklace of freshwater pearl, jaspar and jade I have named Avalon. Did you know jade has been said to carry the energy of all previous wearers forever ... therefore be careful from whom you buy your jade!)

whether one believes in the healing or recuperative power of stones, or not, it exists and is discussed in our most ancient texts and languages including Sanskrit. Individuals of royalty carried crystals with them (eventually they became the crown jewels) initially to enable them to govern their societies with clarity, wisdom and integrity. Crystal, as discussed in my July 30th full moon blog, draws, holds and refracts energy, and thus the crown jewels were passed down through the generations, in hopes that too was all wisdom gained by the previous rulers.

gems have been worn for thousands of years around wrists, on fingers, as amulets or carried in medicine bags. Because of their ability to stimulate energy, they have always been consciously or unconsciously worn in conjunction with the various chakras, or energy centers of the body, thus activating certain qualities such as love and compassion, wisdom, right action, right speech or creativity.

(The Jasper donut here can be removed from the necklace. Jasper was long considered The Warrior's Stone and was carried into battle as an amulet or totem. The stone's vibrational qualities coincide with those of strength, courage, trust and nobility. It has been used in therapeutic environments to help those who are dealing with addictive behaviors break free, or shy withdrawn people dealing with difficult change find courage. I think it is a beautiful stone that tells a story if one looks deep enough. This one of mountainous journeys, mist and mystery. )

you are probably thinking, how in the world do people use stones to heal? That just seems weird. I suppose if you really think about it, we often receive a "healing" effect from an experience we might not have considered a healing modality! Certainly a kind word or a hug from a child or loved one. But think about stepping out into nature in your bare feet, feeling the warm or damp earth under you, smelling the sea air, sitting on a flat boulder warmed by the sun and watching a rushing river, even eating fresh foods ... things of this nature cause a feeling of renewed energy. This is a subtle healing response. If you seek healing from an experience consciously, you are adding an element of intent which strengthens the intensity of the experience.

(Here aventurine is mixed with amethyst and flourite. Amethyst is one of the crown jewels, and is called a mystical stone and coincides with the crown chakra, assisting us to get in touch with our highest values, true feelings and intuition, fostering healing, selflessness and spiritual awareness. Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and is appreciated for attracting abundance, wealth and opportunity. It has a reputation as "The Gambler's Stone" in that it has been held in esteem for its good luck qualities throughout the ages!)

the nature of crystal healing can be described as thus, aside from their beautiful physical qualities, when worn or placed in close proximity to the human body, their electromagnetic energy field joins with the human electromagnetic field, which you may have heard referred to as the aura. Kerlian photography proves this without a doubt. Remember, we are all energy on a sub-atomic level! The stone's particular color and light force "vibrations", are refracted into the aura and the increased color frequencies thus dissipate and/or neutralize physical, mental, emotional and psychic stress. The result is balance, which shows in the body as health. Most healing experiences are initially quite subtle, but sometimes the experience is amazing.

here's a good "test" if you are open to that ... which can be really fun and interesting! Find a stone that is very attractive to you ... one you find in nature is usually too dense ... but you may wish to go to a rock shop or new age shop where they have crystals, which have a more refined energy and are often easily felt by even the most cynical naysayer!

holding the crystal in front of your body (close but not touching), in your thumb and forefinger, run it from your groin area upwards to the top of your crown ... what do you feel? What is most often felt is a tugging sensation in one or more locations as you move upward. There are 7 main chakra's located in the torso, neck and crown and these respond to the energetic field of the crystals as they come close together. I love this test because I've rarely had someone "not" have an experience! It's sort of that "yippy" feeling you get when you're on a roller coaster or glance down a long stairwell or over the side of a cliff!

but aside from the more aesthetic uses and meanings associated with the element of stone, the most healing experience of all can be merely wearing a special gemstone and feeling attractive because of it, or knowing your beloved grandmother wore it, perhaps there is a story surrounding it that is secret and beautiful... these experiences bring an unparalleled connection to your deepest self... and with this comes confidence and personal power! I say ...What doctor can give you that?

so that's my stone story for the day ... I will make an attempt to slip one in now and then, including the particular healing qualities of the various stones I use in my jewelry.

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