Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a new display mannequin

i was so excited to receive my new toy in the mail last night. Yes, I said last night, because it arrived around 7 pm on the evening of our ever-celebrated Pizza Tuesday! A knock came to the door just as I stuffed my mouth with mushrooms, cheese and tomato sauce! I opened the door, smiling with pursed lips and using hand signals as hot cheese burned a brand into my palette ... and there was the UPS guy in shorts (aren't they lucky?) bearing a cardboard box for LoraKellyDesigns! Just like Christmas!

I knew what it was as soon as I saw the Venus Display Mannequin return postage in the upper left hand corner and could barely contain myself while doing my best to remove three layers of that shiny mailing tape (which runs neck in neck in annoyability to duct tape!) In the end, I prevailed!

Look what I got! Isn't she lovely? I actually received two lovely ladies ... well, really I only got their upper torso's, not sure what happened to the rest of their bodies. In case you wondered, they will by no means replace the lovely blue fairy Flora! Never! Despite her unfortunate mishap with the slates, she is still as lovely as ever and holds a special place in my heart. Still ... I'm really excited about the new girls! This one photographs well, doesn't she?

My next photograph has nothing to do with mannequins or display models or blue fairies but is actually just an adorable picture of my two beloved parrots, that I hope you will indulge me by viewing; Ms. L (on the left) and Mr. R (on the right) ... both wanting their share of pizza and wondering why they must pose on the back of the chair when they'd much rather be sitting on my shoulder and attempting to pull pizza from my lips. Yes. They are THAT bad! Horribly spoiled ... I admit, but ... cute beyond words. And sweet? Well, indescribably.

Even though I design jewelry and spend a great deal of my time with stones and beads and findings and the like, I rarely get a chance to wear jewelry myself at home for one reason, these two bothersome birds! They love to be with me as much as possible which means, when I'm in the house, they are usually on my shoulder. From there, they have an excellent vantage point should they wish to partake of a lovely earring or pendant, and although they may look like gentle creatures, there is nothing they enjoy more than destruction! It's a parrot thing, nothing personal. And shiny, colorful beads offer just such an invitation. I fondly refer to them as "The Destructors!" ... sort of a super hero status that fits them well.

Ms. L is the more timid of the two and steps about like a delicate princess with a hoidy toidy attitude, Mr. R's nickname is "Kerplunk!" in that he's a sturdy little lump of a fellow with no airs or graces and who lives for fun, food and friendship. The order depending on his mood.

(Spell-check had great difficulties with this blog entry today! It is so confused by my challenging language! It really loved "annoyability" as you can imagine!)

You've obviously realized I am an animal lover, as so many of you are, I can tell by your blogs. And so I am glad and proud to be in good company.

Thanks for stopping by!


In her own Voice said...

Beautiful, Lora!
You have made some really nice new entries here in your blog. Your Venus torso's are so feminine and delicate, hosting the beautiful beads so elegantly!

BTW, you wrote a really thorough, passionate, and intelligent response to the comment on my Care and Repair article! You go, girl!

I copied and pasted the comments so far onto the new blog where I'm hoping good conversations can continue. I appreciate your support, Lora, and I must say--you are truly the energetic ONE! That can't be all Starbucks, can it??

yours truly said...

Hi Linda,

So nice to have you visit. I did want to respond to Kent, but understand we all have our perspectives. My disagreement with his views wasn't about being uninformed, just seeing the world from a different angle, just as valid as his own. Hopefully, that came across.

I do visit Starbucks on ocassion since it's right down the street from me! But ... tea's my drink of choice! Oh ... I like a very nice Pinot Grigio, too! :)

I think whenever one is doing what they love, they are enthused, inspired and energized. There's so many wonderful things to be doing, we just need to find our niche to give the world our all! Just like your wonderful writing! I especially love your thoughtful expose's ...

Have a most wonderous day!