Friday, August 10, 2007

future work in progress

I've been searching for sometime for very pale blue turquoise and having no luck. I found these lovely rounds, although not the blue I really wanted, but I think I will settle this time. The key is antiqued brass which I plan to somehow include in this piece as a pendant.

As turquoise is blue it is associated with the sky-blue color of the throat chakra and therefore increases the power and clarity of that particular energy center, assisting the wearer with finding their own voice and speaking their truth. Somehow, in my mind, the key signifies opening that particular gate or portal and setting free an extraordinary life purpose and authentic story in the world.
But, alas, that is the extent of my creative spark today, my studio needing a good cleaning and major feat of organization. Then of course ... there are my friends....

Can we play?

Guess they win.

Later.... ~L


Pecos Blue said...

Thank for the book rec. and stopping by. You have quite the companions--maybe a chicken is needed for inspiration as well : ) I will come by again.

yours truly said...

So glad you came by! I do actually have the inspired chicken, a Brahman rooster named Silver. Chickens are lovely creatures!

Karen W said...

I can't wait to see what you do with this gorgeous turquoise! I've been to your website, your pieces are fabulous!!