Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i so badly needed more beads

I just couldn't pass up these coral chunks and the Bali tubes are really handsome. By the way, I did tell the woman at the bead shop about my find (regarding Lilly) and she was sooooo terribly jealous. I had to pat her on the back and comfort the poor dear ... good heavens, had I only known it would cause such a stir I would've kept the whole thing to myself. She said her husband has been trying to find one for her for just ages and didn't want to have to purchase a new one ... quite pricey they are ... as I've considered the alternative myself. Who knew? It's not like I'm a seamstress ... I just need someone to model jewelry. (Thank you, Lilly. )Later ... I went shopping to find something nice for Lilly to wear. It was so fun...having no girls to buy for over the last 17 years, I couldn't belive my luck! It's like having a daughter. And one who doesn't talk back, no less. Unfortunately, I needed a tight turtle neck to cover my new model's quite unattractive neck. Do you know how hard it is to find a turtleneck in 80 degree weather? Nearly impossible is what it is. Thank you Ross Dress for Less ... found one there! She looks very responsible now, if not a tad conservative. Sort of like a librarian... a hip librarian.

~ttfn, lora

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