Monday, May 28, 2007

Hitting the deck ... so to speak

It's Memorial Day! Gracious thank you's to all of those who fought in the name of freedom. Many dear souls paid the ultimate price. I hate disagreements of anykind. But when they're on a global level, things can get ugly. One of my brother's served in the Air Force as an interpreter, but the rest of my family were cursed with flat feet, bad eyes, poor posture, hemroids or some other unthinkable ailment that denied them entry or actually got them ousted them from the ranks altogether. Oh ... there was Uncle Clarence. He was stationed in the Pacific, as I recall, in the big one. He was never a very friendly fellow. Perhaps he had his reasons. And there was Chandler ... an uncle on my father's side ... he flew with the Blue Angels. Does that count? My mother's father died in the first world war. He was in the cavalry division. I never knew him, as he died when she was only 9. War destroys families.

My father lived during the depression and was a terrible hoarder ... which I assume was passed on to me, as I've been known to hoard just a bit. But I hoard different kinds of things than he. For instance, I'd never keep 50 jars of string beans and 20 cans of coffee in the basement, just in case. I might keep several pairs of shoes, in case the style comes back. I saved vases for awhile, but they began to take over, so I moved them to the basement.

But I digress... or am about to anyway. We're building a deck. It should be finished by summer solstice the Irishman says (that would be the man of the house). For those not up on things of that nature, it's June 21st. The longest day of the year. That means, there will be stairs and a door by then. Right now, we have a platform that's really fun to climb up onto and sit warming in the sun. Except you must use a ladder. Well, all good things in time. Right? I'm shocked at all he's done, actually, to date, considering he has done it without a helper except for myself the odd time holding a plank or the ladder or cheering him on at the very least. So, where is the number one and absolute only teenager of the house, you might ask? Skateboarding, playing guitar with "the band" ... something ALWAYS other than assisting with the much awaited deck. Unless the mention of money happens to garnish the conversation... oh then he can muster up a bit of time to unload the van or shoulder a heavy beam. But it's much more fun to mow the neighbor's sprawling lawns I should think. He pays better.

I've taken the day off today while the deck is in progress. My husband is off work ... but still working despite the holiday. I have a load of lovely beads to separate and price and put into ziplock baggies ... it's as good an inventory system as any, I should think. Well, it works. But I've been thinking about these lovely Bali silver tubes I drooled over in some retail shop in Poulsbo. Expensive? Scandalous, actually! I've looked everywhere on line but can't seem to find the exact same thing. And these were especially neat. I have ideas about them that won't seem to leave me. Don't you hate that? The brain latches on and keeps reworking and creating until you're absolutely frazzled and you haven't actually done a damn thing?

The clouds keep darkening the sky so I suppose we won't be having that cookout. I wonder if that little shop in Poulsbo is open today? I'll let you know...

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