Wednesday, May 30, 2007

carnelian butterflies, among other things...

Thanks to the addition of my newest and might I add, quite lovely model, Lilly, pictured here wearing the latest "vintage" piece with the carnelian butterflies I fell in love with... I am now able to see face on what my collection actually looks like (on someone other than a teenage man-child who isn't too thrilled about being a necklace model). Promise me you'll keep this little tidbit secret as he'd probably be a little bothered to know I spoke of it. You'll also notice Lilly's new attire ... a tight turtleneck and patterned t-shirt showing off her very hip librarian look. She carries it off, well. Don't you think? The white turtleneck t-shirt underneath really hides her (and this I must whisper for your ears only) "flawed" neck ... poor dear. That basket on the floor behind Lilly was another lucky $2 find at the thrift shop ... I do so need a litter basket ... having a concrete floor makes it so easy to just toss the throw-backs on the floor ... in throw backs I mean, bits of wire, cracked beads, bad wire wraps, mistakes, crud ... whatever happens to meet my critical eye and fall short. I'm constantly feeling little beadies go crunch beneath my size 9's. Sometimes those little ladies were not meant to be throwbacks at all! Not good. Really. Well, it all adds up, I suppose. I really should keep a better count of things. A bit of tourmaline here, some amethyst there... I'm not very good at numbers so I try not to think about it too much. Less worries, less wrinkles you know. And so, another day closes. Thanks for listening.

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