Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a new model and an end to a good shopping day

I just couldn't stand the waiting anymore and once I'd finished tidying up the house, I went back to find Millicent and she was still there so ... obviously meant to be! Isn't she sweet? As I drug her about through the store I noticed many's the straying eye ... coveting my find, no doubt. Oh there's plenty of old girls like Lilly out there (she goes by that) so I have no worries that all of you will have no trouble finding your own model. I have no idea what size she is (I didn't want to ask ... that would just be rude) ... but her top says size B and she has movable parts. She can grow larger busts and broader hips and then wean them right down again ... just like me? Well, perhaps I haven't been so lucky in the "weaning down" part ... ahemmmm..... She fits in quite nicely, though don't you think? The muttly in the lower right of the photo is my little fluffy fellow Mr. E ...wondering what all the fuss is about the new model and why we aren't eating cookies or something like that...

Afterwards I decided to go find those beads I was drooling over and so on less than a quarter of a tank of gas, drove all the way to Poulsbo. I just hate stopping for gas. It's so ... time consuming and it's very smelly. All those ... fumes and such. By the time I reached Poulsbo I was actually running on fumes alone and rolled into the local gas station just in the nick of time. By the time I got to the bead shop someone just pulled away from the curb and my perfect parking spot awaited me ... oh, things just couldn't get any better, could they? My beads were waiting too, just as I suspected. No one had gotten there before me and absconded with my precious loot ...and I also got some very cool hunks of chunky coral I couldn't pass up ... oh for the love of GOD! I'm hopeless. Don't say it! I just know if you were in my shoes you would do exactly the same thing and you would not feel a bit guilty about it either. So, neither am I. Pictures will be posted soon!

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