Tuesday, January 8, 2008

the white stuff makes a brief appearance

it came in the night ... when the house was silent

and we were all sleeping ... okay, most of us were sleeping ... someone was creeping about and leaving their telltale footprints ... Frosty? Is that you?

giant flakes fell from the sky

then sadly ... the grownups had to go to work and by the time they got home...

it had mostly melted away. All that remained was Frosty's skeleton! Not quite a children's story, is it?

I love the snow!



LW said...

I hope the snow that came to us last night is brief...

How are you doing with your new year's list?


yours truly said...

Let's see ... my fingertips are sore (that'd be the guitar), my legs ache ... (excercising), I found a good macaroni and cheese dish (vegetarian), I'm laughing my head off to "A Year of Biblical Living" (great, funny book I recommend!) ... I think that's all I've managed to get in so far! Oh gosh ... losing weight? Well, I've got a whole year to go yet!!!

Our snow did melt away the next day ... but I'd love to see more. I just LOVE snow!

I hope you're having a wonderful January and wish you the best on your resolutions!


Bonny said...

I must admit - I'm ready for the snow to go away! In NH we've already had quite a bit drop down on us. Great for the ski business but ... oh my aching back ... not so great when shoveling the whole driveway!

yours truly said...

Bonny ... I feel for you having to shovel the driveway! As much as I love the snow, I don't mind when it melts away. I just wish we'd get a big deep dump this year! I know you're probably thinking... be careful what you wish for!