Monday, November 12, 2007

My First Home Party!

it's early morning, 6 am actually, and I'm sitting in bed with my computer doing my entry for the day... outside a storm rages against my house, 40 mile an hour winds and rain lashing against my windows. I pray the power stays on just long enough for me to do what I need to do this morning before all goes black!

yesterday afternoon I did my first home jewelry party and it was a fabulous success! And, despite my initial nerves, it was so much fun! I thank all of the lovely ladies who attended the show and purchased my jewelry, and thanks to Michele who was so lovely to host the party! Michele has two gorgeous dogs, Mocha and Ivan, who are two beefy labby dogs. What sweethearts! Thanks guys for snuffling everything you possibly could and making me feel totally welcome!

so, with the help and encouragement of friends, I've launched a new aspect of my business which is home parties. Unfortunately, at this time, I am only available to do parties in the Puget Sound area in Washington State. But who knows what's to come down the road?

thanks for stopping by, dear readers! I so enjoy your visits to my site. I wish for you that your day weatherwise is better than mine!



LW said...

A home party, that's a great idea.
I would love to see your jewelry in person. I love the colors and the way you put things together.
But alas I am to far away, so I will keep checking your esty and website.

Good luck with this new business idea....


yours truly said...

Darn. Connecticut is just a little too far for me ... maybe I could throw a little e-party! hmmm ... just not the same! Thanks for the good vibes! I really appreciate your visits and encouragement!


Priscilla said...

A home party! What a great idea. I'll host one! and I'll invite Sheila, Min, Nans, and Wendy! How's that sound?

Thank you for your lovely, kind words just when I needed them--and for being there (Mon., Nov. 12).


yours truly said...

Hey Priscilla,

I'd love that party! Let's see ... maybe we could do it somewhere in the middle of the continent?

Hope all's well with you and your family!