Monday, November 5, 2007

falling back

i set my clocks back on Sunday. Today I compared notes with a tree. Trees don't think much about time. But they love moonlight. I never knew.

I worked in my studio and made this... I was thinking about water being formless, yet taking the form of any vessel it fills, perhaps our souls do the same ... Trees also like water very much.

Trees wear their own sort of jewelry and are always in step with the seasons. Of course, they are the trend setters. These simple pendants and pearls speak of fall... berries, bark, leaves, water and stone...

squirrels love trees. Baby squirrels also love decks and sunny afternoons and naps...

trees remind me of change... they are always in a state of change and yet they are always the same... we are like that, too... the golds of fall will become the grays of winter and gardens will glow golden like this citrine wrap necklace...until the first frost

birds love trees most of all...

and they also love shoulders, especially their mom's. Mr. R and Ms. L think of me as some moving tree with a kooky personality that is always changing and always the same... I feed them much like the trees feed the wild creatures, and give them shelter from the storm.

this weekend, I fell back an hour into fall. fall reminds me to slow down, be quiet like the trees, remain constant, grow, and change my colors once in awhile... to have a sheltering heart and arms, to bend, to be both flamboyant and austere, to drink deeply of fresh water, to be grounded... and to breath...

sometimes, we must fall back in order to move forward...



LW said...

I don't like fall back, that means that old man winter is right around the corner. As it gets cold I wonder why I live in CT.

Enjoyed all of your pictures, sweet birds.


yours truly said...

I know! I keep getting up at 6:15 and can't get back to sleep ... what's worse, I haven't set back my bedroom clock so I'm really waking at 5:15!

I think your winters are worse than mine! But we're still having a pretty fall so I'm trying to enjoy it to the fullest.

I'm so glad you think my birdies are sweet. I adore them!

Sometime you must show your donkeys!