Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"fall" wrap necklace

i remembered still having some 24K gold dipped leaves ... i mixed this one with freshwater pearls (i love the coin shaped ones!), Czech glass and Austrian crystal...

and of course a good length of Sterling silver chain ...

wrap it up as an elegant choker, or let it spill into your bustier! ... for a night at the opera, or to accept your Oscar... or ... who needs a reason? Wear it because it's beautiful...

wear it long and flowing with a gown ... or with jeans and a black sweater

or turn it around and let it spill down your back.

Tres chic!



LW said...


I love all your work but this fall necklace is just too wonderful....

Good luck with your show.


yours truly said...

Oh thanks so much, Louise! I really enjoyed making it. Fall is my favorite time of year and this just put me in the mood.

Thanks for the thumbs up, too, and the "luck" ... something one can never have enough of!


In her own Voice said...

Hey Lora,

Boy, you've been busy--creating lots of beauties! I've stopped by to look several times, just haven't posted.

I've posted at my second blog since posting on "famous moon" and have been spending a lot of time on Daily Kos. It feels like I'm gathering information and building a force within me for making some big changes. It's scary and exciting...

Thanks for stopping by--for keeping up with me--feels good to grow a little community here on blogger!


yours truly said...


Great to see you ... I will check out your other blog. I forget sometimes you might be there. Always good to have you drop by! I'd offer you a cup of tea ... but...?

:) Lora