Wednesday, October 17, 2007

catching my breath before the plunge

hello to you, dear readers who've dropped in to visit me on your daily blog rounds. Thank you! Please indulge me for a moment if you will and listen to my wailings. It is mid-week and I find myself not yet ready for my show come Friday evening. Because this particular show is 6 days long I have concerns about having enough jewelry or ... it being the wrong venue for any sales, in which case I have too much jewelry. And so I wake at night with my mind spinning with varying scenarios. It's sort of like having a baby, I think. I remember for years my husband and I said, when we can afford it, we'll get pregnant. But upon hearing my plan, a friend's wise advise to me was, if you wait until then, you'll never have a baby, because you can never afford it and you're never ready. So just plunge in.

today, I am remembering that sage advise (thanks, Alma) and realizing, I can never be as ready as I think I should be, so I will take the plunge must take it ...and hope for the best. Crossing my fingers and my toes, and holding my nose. (I was never good at jumping in and I'm a terrible diver, but I can swim like nobody's business! Hold that thought.)

in the column on the right, you'll see a badge entitled "One Thing be brave" ... and I found that on Jesse's site, Diary of a Self Portrait. You don't know me, Jesse, but you did inspire me to be brave. Thank you. What's so amazing is, I'd just watched a program on Eleanor Roosevelt, from whom this quote originated (Every day you must do the one thing you are afraid of doing), and had been telling myself "look at all she accomplished" and I was thinking about her when I stumbled upon Jesse's blog. Jesse is also a talented artist and has a shop on Etsy with lovely things. For those who would also like to find themselves a little braver in this life, click on the Be Brave badge and play along.

oh, by the way, we did take the plunge and get pregnant 17 years ago and today I am ever so glad to have the most wonderful son to prove it!

and so, another ending to a very discombobulated blog entry as I ride off to Portland to sell my wares at the fashion show. A little frazzled. But feeling braver.

anyway ... it's too late to back out now ....


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