Monday, August 4, 2008

Life goes on, despite me!

Maybe you've been wondering where I am ... or maybe not. I know some of you are regular visitors, as I've been to your blogsites and we've created a sort of community here in blogsville, sometimes we do wonder where the other has gone when a particular voice has fallen silent. So if you did... here's why.

I returned to the regular 5 day a week, 8 to 5 working world last December. Since then, much of my "creative" aspirations and honestly, juices, have drained, or have been put aside because ... really no reason other than the usual... creativity wanes in the face of the work a day world. It does! It's very hard to maintain that joie de vive when that which is not quite so alluring demands your energies. You plod along then, instead of leaping from bed each morning, tulip-prone into the rising sun. I realize why some societies offer sanctuary to their artists, less taxes, free housing, etc. So they might do their thing unimpeded by the usual worries of life... such as ... how do I pay the bills. That sort of thing.

And so some things have fallen by the wayside, but not forever.

Anyway... so what about the blog? I still am a blogger! I swear! (I actually typed "I sweat" and had to fix it) ... It is REALLY warm here, so Freudian I suppose, in a way ... the "slip" that is not meant to escape the lips but comes out in a like-turn-of-phrase anyway), you know of which I speak. So, I am still writing when I can find the time.

On the back burner then are my beads, or my jewelry making business. Really this is because a rock and roll band took over my workshop and have been keeping the neighborhood on it's toes. I've never looked back. Because my shop is a mess mostly. Shortly, I will be cleaning it out and moving the whole affair to the loft of my little Sears kit house as soon as the just-turned-18 year old (the "was" young man of whom I've so often spoken} "and the band" are situated in what WAS my shop. And good luck to them. I shall carry on in my way, as I've been known to do.

And for those of you who are awaiting items of jewelry... my sister, her bracelet, my friends; Julie, her necklace and matching earrings, Melody, her pendant, others ... their own desired bits of stone and silver strung as jewelry as only I can do (or have convinced them only I can do -- shhhh!).... please keep the faith. Soon. Soon. Soon.

Cheers, all!


LW said...


I am so happy to see that you posted again, I DO STOP BY once in awhile to see if you added anything…
I MISS your post and reading about the animal friends..
But I so understand about the day to day working thing…
I don’t work full time but do a week here and there to fill in …and those weeks just become lost…

I did post a few pictures of my donkeys back in May on my blog and thought of you because you once asked me to add a few pictures of them.

Take care and I will check back again,


Priscilla said...

Lora! I've stopped in now and then and have wondered about your silence. I'm glad you're all right, but sorry that you returned to an 8 to 5 job if that's not what you prefer.

We were just wondering about you today. Sheila wondered how old your young man is and whether he's off to college. Apparently not!